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Pantropical x Bubbling TV present:

✹ CHAMPION BODY 3 – Rotterdam vs Amsterdam – Bubbling dance battle
✹ SOUNDS OF SISSO (tz) (nyege tapes)
✹ DJ KATAPILA (gh) (awesome tapes from africa)

location: WORM – Boomgaardsstraat 71, Rotterdam
doors: 20:00 | start: 20:30 | end: 05:00 | presale: 10,- | entrance: 13,-

Pantropical and Bubbling TV team up for a mammoth event that revolves around the Bubbling phenomenon and introduces challenging hybrids of dance music culture. Championing creativity and bringing back the spirit of the old school Bubbling dancing in new ways, Bubbling TV will kick off this all-nighter with their 'Champion Body III' programme; a Rotterdam versus Amsterdam Bubbling dance battle in the style of the legendary events that were held throughout the 90s. Bubbling TV will be hosting twenty different dancers accompanied by various DJs. A jury of six will pick their winners out of ten duo performances.

Pantropical will shake things up further around midnight with the afterparty, adding a crossfire of modern African beats and bass. East Africa's booming new wave is featured with Sounds Of Sisso from Tanzania. This duo is trailblazing a new strand of soundsystem culture akin to the unbridled energy of Bubbling, Shangaan Electro and even Gabber. Ghana's DJ Katapila splices the neo-traditional dance music of his youth in Accra with uptempo Detroit Techno, Chicago Acid and House.


CHAMPION BODY III – Amsterdam VS Rotterdam – Bubbling dance battle

• Geheim Wapen Rotterdam vs Aldring
• Geheim Wapen Rotterdam vs Marvin
• Geheim Wapen Rotterdam vs Nike
• Vincent vs Beyonder
• Hu vs Blacklion
• Q-Joker vs Lyght
• Raoni vs Lou
• Shudreny vs Vinn
• Soldier vs Quentin
• Alex vs Rossia

Exhibition battle: Randy Vs Undertaker

• Skilo
• Undertaker
• Furgill
• Kenrich
• MC Stiko Productions
• Westside productions

• Baba Yaga
• Heist Rockah