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Genreshardcore, uptempo hardcore
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Party agenda Anhatema
Harmony of Hardcore 4 2709 visitorsFestivalterrein De RoostErp
Affix, Al Twisted, Alee, Andy Raw, Angerfist, Angernoizer, Anhatema, Anna Crystal, Axys, Baby Raw, Bass-D, Bazzy, BillX, Blaster, Bulletproof, Buzz Fuzz, Catscan, Chok Dee, Civillian, D-Fence, and 111 other artists →
Timeless Festival · Space Edition2 visitorsVélodromeRochefort
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Party agenda Footworxx Militant Crew (group)
Harmony of Hardcore 4 2709 visitorsFestivalterrein De Roost, Erp
Timeless Festival · Space Edition3 visitorsVélodrome, Rochefort
Adyxo, Blasco, Chok Dee, Deterrent Man, Digital Punk, Dr. Rude, EddyHardcore, Footworxx Militant Crew, Garra, Hatred, Illegal Brother, Nephalem, Noisecontrollers, Nolz, Phuture Noize, Rooler, Sefa, Steve-D, The Punisher, The Satan, and 2 other artists →
The Qontinent · Island of Intensity 9 127 visitorsPuyenbroeck, Wachtebeke
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Ze weet zeker wat ze doet kent haar plaaten en kan zeer strak met de schuiven gooien lekker tempo meer dan welkom op de hardcore feesten