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foto Lucky Done Gone
NaamGijs Voesten
Genreselectronica, house, techno
partyflock Lucky done gone (24 apr 2018)
People who've seen Lucky Done Gone play, know it's not just his sets that are contagious, but it's the friendly artist's whole vibe that is catching. His eyes are always fixed on the dance floor, as it's what is most important to him is to make people dance and not just play records only he likes. His sets consist of a mixture between techno, house, italo and leftfield which always have some 80's vibes thrown in there too.

A couple of years ago, Lucky Done Gone made his way from a small town in the South of Holland via Tilburg - aka Tillywood – to the country's main heart of the electronic music scene: Amsterdam. While moving to Amsterdam opened up more doors for him, he could maybe see himself move back south one day.
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