NaamSander de Graaf & Maurice de Graaf
Genresdisco, electro
All good things come in pairs. Doppelgang is a DJ duo by Sander & Maurice de Graaf both born and raised in the North of Holland. Since they entered the scene in Amsterdam in 2010 with performing as whatever they liked, the brothers started DJing after 2 years. Ever since they have added venues to their doppel-list such as Trouw, Watergate (DE), Chicago Social Club, Paradiso, Kater Holzig (DE) and 69 (BE) to name a few. Summertime madness started in june 2013 with Doppelgang at festivals like Mysteryland, Milkshake, Valtifest & Wecandance (BE). Club Air is their homebase as residents of the colourful Supertoys party...
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Party agenda Doppelgang
gisteren: Cafť de PlakNijmegen
Doppelgang, Pure, Soto Aya, Lil Beef & Koriander
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