Âme (foto)
NaamKristian Beyer & Frank Wiedemann
FunctieDJ, live act, groep
Lid van groepenvroeger: Innercity Visions
Genresdeephouse, house, minimal, techno
BoekingenSite backroom-entertainment.de
After a long night of dancing, many night club patrons leave the venue with a certain track stuck in their heads. But for Âme, the DJ/production duo of Kristian Beyer and Frank Wiedemann, the tunes lodged in their brains are the ones they didn't hear, ones not yet written that would fit perfectly in their sets. Since 2003, Beyer and Wiedemann have penned songs that once existed just outside club- goers' imagination, songs that boldly combined floor-filling elements with conceptual conceits while maintaining their visceral appeal...
Âme – Live · 30 mei 2012
Dit jaar viert de formatie Âme zijn tienjarig bestaan. Kristian Beyer en Frank Wiedemann hebben, sinds het opstarten van Âme (Franse benaming voor soul), de wereld bestormt met hun alom geprezen producties. "Live" is het nieuwste werkstuk van het duo – een conceptalbum.
Fabric 42 - Âme · 14 september 2008
Een aantal jaren geleden ontstond vanuit het niets een grote hype rondom Âme. Zowel het titelloze album uit 2004 als het in 2005 uitgebrachte “Rej” maakten heel wat los in het clubcircuit. Na het met succes mixen van de Coast 2 Coast dubbelaar van afgelopen jaar ligt nu Fabric 42 gemixt door Âme in de schappen.
Coast To Coast - Mixed by Âme · 23 juni 2007
De mannen van Âme zijn de vierde samenstellers die een deel uit de succesvolle ”Coast To Coast” reeks van het NRK label voor hun rekening nemen. Legendarische jocks als Quentin Harris, Kerri Chandler en Ron Trent ging het enorm populaire duo al voor; niet de minste namen dus.
Âme brengt op 1 juni het langverwachte debuutalbum dream house uit · 7 mei 2018
Het Duitse duo Âme brengt op 1 juni hun langverwachte debuutalbum Dream House uit op Innervisions, het eigen label van Âme.
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Je moet er van houden.­ EN IK HOUD ER ZO VAN!
Mark Antoni
Ik heb deze gasten in de Panoramabar gezien in Berlin wat een held!!!
R. Manhouse
Rrose Selavy en vele andere dikke tracks :)
Frank Dutrônc
Terje Olsen
und hoooop.­ housuuuuuuuuh
Van Het Fijnste:D
house zoals het hoort
Einer der besten DJs, die ich je gehoert habe!
Wakker Dier
Cocoon 28-03 held ! Eerst heerlijk opbouwen en dan knallen :D
@­ panorama =­ priceless!
Yaron Cohen
goede set geleverd afgelopen zaterdag
House in zijn puurste vorm :) helden.
HELDEN!!! holee!
Vet goed!
Wat een helden!!!!!
hoe krijgen ze t voor elkaar..­

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Werkzaam bij Magnetronik, Triple T, Wesdex
Artiest Wesdex
Op eerste pinksterdag is het dan eindelijk zover dan is de kickoff van Mouse met niemand minder dan Innervisions held: Ame! Voor zijn optreden bij Mouse heeft Ame een exclusief interview afgegeven.

Which band or artist has influenced you the most?
Too many to name them. I think that it's all about listening to a lot of different music. At the moment I'd say more classical music is influencing me. Such as Richard Strauss, Debussy, Terry Riley, just to name a few.

You are both DJ's and producers.­ What do you like the most?
I prefer both. I mean the possibility to choose and switch between both worlds. And there is performing live now that attracts me a lot. I would not like to do only one thing!

Ame is made of the duo Kristian Beyer &­ Frank Wiedemann, but often at gigs only Frank or Kristian plays.­ Why is this?
Because often you have got only 2 hours to play and it does not make so much sense to divide this into two, right? Besides, I see Kristian many days during the week when we are in the studio. The weekends are for ourselves

If you were completely free to choose, which artist or track would you like to remix?
There are many … but one thing is for sure: it has to be something out of another musical context so that we can add something or turn it into another direction to merge different musical styles.

The electronic highway is moving very fast over the last few years.­ What do you think about the technical changes in the scene and the reduction of vinyl DJ's?
Everybody is free to do what he likes. I still like playing with vinyl and cd's instead of watching my computer. Mainly because of the sound and the feeling. I think that Serato etc are only small steps to a next level controller. Something that's really new. And then, who knows? Maybe I also switch.
But I still just love vinyl as a physical product with a cover that I can see and touch.

What is your biggest musical wish?
Composing an electronic symphony played by a real orchestra.

Besides the passion for electronic music, what do you like to do when you're not professionally performing or working on music?
Eat, drink and rest!

What can we expect from Ame in the upcoming years?
Oh, years? Well, we just finished the score for a silent movie called “Dr. Caligari” which we performed live with Dixon and Henrik Schwarz. This was really a lot of fun and inspiration. So maybe we continue working on soundtracks. But for sure we're also continuing doing dance music. The next 12inch is nearly finished and a remix for DFA should see the light of day within the next weeks (or months?). Personally for me the next big thing that just starts is to perform âme tracks live.

What is your favorite spot to play and what's the specific reason for that?
There are also many many places that I like because of there special Atmosphere or great hosts or simply for their great soundsystem and an open minded audience that follows what I do.

Bron: http://www.elevation-events.com
laatste nummer van de geweldige set van Âme live @ 8bahn festival, Âme heeft wel vaker tracks die nog niet gereleased zijn maar deze moet ik echt hebben dus als iemand weet van wie deze remix is graag een reactie:respect:
Paar weken geleden in Trouw..!

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