NaamRehuël Angkotta
AliasRehuel Angkotta
Lid van groepenBali Bintang Boys & RLD
Genres2step, bass, classics, garage, hip hop, house, r&b, trap
partyflock Rehuel Angkotta (29 jul 2010)
Born and raised in Waalwijk, Raywell got in touch with different styles in music during
his youth. Because of his deep curiosity he developed an unique taste for a wide range in
genres which he wanted to share and the world to enjoy as much as he did. This drive led to an important event in his life. At age of 18 Raywell decided to take his passion next level and started studying the art of DJing. Years of practicing, focussing and hard work paid off as the talented Raywell made good progress, of course his skills didn't go unnoticed around him.
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