Rudy Lima (foto)
NaamRudy Dias Lima
Genreseclectic, house, latin
partyflock Rudy Lima (30 mrt 2010)
Rudy Lima, born and raised in Rotterdam, Holland. But with a connection to his roots that come from the Cape Verdean Islands.At the age of 17, Rudy got mesmerized by the sounds of house music, and so began a new dream.Driven by love and passion for house music, inspired by several dj's that took him under their wings, Rudy discovered that music was not only for his entertainment.

He found out that he had a gift, a talent. The making off music that we as an audience now have all come to love. With the love of the people who support him, and stand behind him, Rudy will not take satisfaction with being just another dj.

He wants to take over the house scene doing what he does best.
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