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FunctieDJ, live act
Genreship hop
Introducing to you the new revelation of producer talent. Whether he is making Trap, Dubstep, Moombahton, Hardstyle or Hip-Hop, all styles are mixed together in catchy, powerful and energetic tracks. Boaz van de Beatz has unquestionably put himself on the map in a relatively short time. He has won the State Awards for 'Best Producer' twice and is the man behind the success of the Nouveau Riche label, among other things.

Boaz van de Beatz has a track record to die for; collaborations with Mr.Polska, The Partysquad, Jebroer, Ronnie Flex and Yellow Claw have resulted in hit singles such as 'Hausa Wausa', 'Vinger op de Klitter', 'Allermooiste Feestje', 'Krokobil', 'Nooit Meer Slapen', 'Brommer', 'Soldaatje', 'Tank Station', 'Herrie In Me Oor', 'Oh My', 'Allemaal Lichten' and 'Vlammen'. With more than 23 million views on YouTube he is currently enjoying a huge and ever-growing fan base. Boaz is also busy internationally with releases with the likes of Diplo, Afrojack and The Partysquad.

When an own solo EP and (inter)national releases combine with a live DJ set you know for sure that the festival, pop podium or club will explode!

Flontie Stacks EP
Recently the four-track 'Flontie Stacks EP' was released on American label Mad Decent / Jeffree's (Diplo's label). The preview of this EP resulted in almost 20,000 plays on SoundCloud in only two days!

The release consists of amazing sounds and can be best described as an energetic and unique mix between Juke, Pop, Trap and Hardstyle. The 'Flontie Stacks EP' is like a rollercoaster in these four tracks: at the end you just want more! With his forward-thinking and unique sound Boaz van de Beatz is significantly ahead of the rest of the music world!
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Laatste optreden was op zondag 27 augustus 2017: Mysteryland, Voormalig Floriadeterrein, Hoofddorp
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