Remy-X (foto)
NaamRemy Dupon
Functielive act, DJ
REMY-X is a belgian artist who started producing ten years ago. In his first years as a producer he mostly made music in harder, more uptempo genres like hardtechno/schranz. It's now about 2-3 years he committed to producing techno, sometimes with influences of minimal, acid or hardtechno, he always tries to give his own sound to his tracks. It all started to go in a flow when he played at the already famous 'WIR TANZEN" parties in belgium. With big thanks to his friends and co-dj/producers Dries 'DRINKO' Willem aka 'Man Outta Space" and 'Dimitri L'entree" for launching his carreer. REMY-X is always playing as a live act with hardware drumcomputers, synths, etc… So watch out for this fresh new talent, cause he is busy and he's on the move.
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