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NaamTom van Oijen
FunctieDJ, groep
Living in Leiden and working (@ Imbull) in Amsterdam. In my free time I always listen to music. Funk, techno, ska, Jazz, or Dark minimal I love it all. When a song / track is right, its just right!

I discovered the so called Dark Minimal from listening first to a lot of Minus sounds. Especially the deep sounds of Gaiser is what I listened mostly. By searching and buying on Beatport I found the magnificent Frucht label of Mister Coeter. On a normal Saturday morning my girlfriend and a friend of us just jumped in the car and drove to Berlin when we heard there was a Frucht label party in Berlin that night. We arrived at the dark M-Bia club. The music that night was genius and the Minus sound was history in seconds.
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Laatste optreden was op vrijdag 8 april 2016: Techn071, Gebr. De Nobel, Leiden
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