The Classified (foto)
NaamJoey Matahelumual & Jesse Mak
FunctieDJ, groep
AliasNoire X Blanche
Jesse Mak, Jesse Mak
Joey Juano, Joey Matahelumual
Genreseclectic, moombahton, trap, urban
We are The Classified. A brand new collaboration between Eclectic DJ's Jesse Mak and Joey Juano. Our love and passion for music is created at a young age. Both raised in a family where music was always around us and now use that memories to create music and perform a high level gig.

We are two young DJ's, but together we already gained experience in different clubs and avenues. In Kos (greece)and Lloret (spain)but also in The Netherlands we turned clubs like Escape Amsterdam.

Our goal is to set a new flow in the existing music scene. From hip-shaking urban music to the newest trap tracks, in our gigs you can find a wide range of top tracks.
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Laatste optreden was op zondag 30 augustus 2015: De Brug Draait Door 2015, Platte stenen brug, Alkmaar
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