Hypoxia (foto)
NaamMaxim Delrue & William Rosenhek
FunctieDJ, groep
Genresdrum & bass
SiteSite hypoxia.be
Two guys from Antwerp, Belgium, have thrown their talents together to explore the depths of their love for dark, neuro tech drum&bass. Athys has previously made waves as one half of the award-winning duo Athys & Duster, and Syntopia has been a staple on the Belgian drum&bass scene for many years now. William is a skilled sound designer and Max a schooled mix engineer. Together they have the perfect combined qualities to meet the high standards of the neurofunk scene. They are both fans of analoque and organic sounds, which will provide their darkness with a fresh twist. Their first effort was instantly snapped up by Drum&Bass Arena for their winter selection and was rewind track of the week on The Risky's show...
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