NaamOnno Smith
Pieter Bakker
Cody Vogel
Michelle David
Paul Willemsen
Functiegroep, band
Genresfunk, garage, soul
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For almost ten years Lefties Soul Connection is considered to be the most energetic and best garage funk & soul band from Europe. Based in Amsterdam, they played all over Europe and released two Albums: Hutspot (2006) and Skimming the Skum (2007). They also released several - now collectable - vinyl singles.
In 2011 Lefties Soul Connection will release their third album. This album will feature 3 guest vocalists: Michelle David, a gospel/soul singer originally from New York; Flomega, a multi-talented singer from Germany and Corrina Greyson, a blues singer from London. Of course the album will also feature the rough instrumentals the band is well-known for...
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