NaamRebecca Real Muñoz
FunctieDJ, zangeres
Genresafro, latin, moombahton, urban
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Since childhood Rebecca had always a big passion for music, in any form whatsoever. From this passion she began to dance at Moves and Bounce. From her 15th she started giving street dance and hip-hop to children. Till this day she still follows and gives dance lessons. To develop further she began around the age of 11 with singing. Blended Culture (reggae band) noticed her talent and asked her to join the band. Without a doubt, she immediately accepted her offer. This is not all! She is also working as a DJ (Latin House, Urban, Moombahton & Afro House) 2 years ago she started as a DJ in a DJ agency called Sanchez Records. Sanchez Records has subsequently been adapted guidelines...
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Laatste optreden was op vrijdag 30 januari 2015: The Mixx Lounge, Sorbonne, Rotterdam
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