Rachel Green (foto)
NaamRachella Groen
Genresdubstep, eclectic, hip hop, trap, triphop
Boekingen viaSite denachtbrakers.com
2008, Summer in Sydney Australia, a girl walks up the stage, putts on her best smile, hands the DJ some music and asks him if she could just have a moment, play a little tune, just one chance…

Rachel Green (Rachella Groen) started out as an upcoming DJ in Sydney Australia where she took over the night in no time. In 2009 she came back to her hometown with a huge hunger for music and entertainment.

Bringing the 90's R&B, Hiphop she can easily kick in some of the hottest house, trap, drum&base, dubstep and even your favourite rock songs will come along. All of that with a female friendly touch. A dj set full of energy and that smile she wears so easily.

And last but not least she was nominated for a golden gnome as "most sexy dj" 2013.
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