NaamMino Abadier
Lid van groepArabic by Night
Geboortedatum9 mei
Mino Abadier certainly is that new breed of young, talented and up-and-coming DJ from Amsterdam. Despite his age he pretty much operates on his own terms, in his own world. Mino Abadier is a hugely versatile DJ that can wave together house and techno or Afro and disco just as ably. His selections are made with a palpable passion and cover a cultured cross section of essentials from house and disco to techno and Arabic sounds.

Growing up listening to old hip-hop tape-records and jazz music, he started to DJ at the age of 16 and showed his musical talents at an early stage. It wasn't before long or he immersed himself in electronic music in his teens. Mino Abadier is performing as Mino Abadier himself and his alias 'Arabic By Night'.
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