NaamRedmar Esser
FunctieDJ, producer
Genreshardcore, hardstyle, raw hardstyle
partyflock RedStyl3 (9 apr 2016)
partyflock RedStyle (26 sep 2013)
He went to his first big hardstyle party at the age of seventeen and from that experience he learned one thing: he wanted to become a DJ, so from that moment: DJ Redstyle was born.
Short after that, he met someone who told him that he was starting DJ classes. He finished all the classes and had put a lot of time in his skills. When the first edition of the 0251 Hardstyle contest was held, he was in. Without any doubts he attended this contest and with his high energy performance, he won!
While multiple newspapers placed DJ Redstyle on the frontpage his first two big event bookings were a fact. Standing in the line-up with worldfamous artists like Zatox, Nosferatu, Tha Playah and Korsakoff became a dream coming true...
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lekkere knal sfeer setjes!!!top ga zo door!!

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Hahah nice! Zelfs een eigen dj profiel! Jammer dat ik je nie kan zien draaien by dwdhc, want ga al nr nrg indoor! Geef ff een lekkere ros aan die platen daar by bobs pik!:D