Guzzle (foto)
NaamDaniel Guske
Leeftijd28 - 29
Genreselectro, groove, house, techno
Daniel Guske aka Guzzle was born in 1989. He started making music in the early age of 7 years old and learned to play guitar and bass, 'cause his whole family are musicians which have decided to launch a band. This band, was called "Nightwings". As he was 14 years old Daniel changed his favourite music to harder electronic music. He listened to Hardstyle and Hardcore every day and after some years he wanted to make own music like that, but he didn't now anything about producer programs like FL Studio or Ableton. Anytime he found the program Virtual DJ and first he learned to mix tracks by himself. At the age of 15 he met Mike Maaß, and their friendship grew fastly...
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Laatste optreden was op vrijdag 20 april 2018: Abstract XXL, Butan, Wuppertal
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