Jess&Miss (foto)
NaamJessica Freyee & Ninon Lijong
FunctieDJ, groep
AliasJessy Freyee & Miss El Nino
Ninon Lijong, partyflock Miss el Niņo
Ninon Lijong, Ninon Lijong
Genreshouse, techhouse, techno
These Amsterdam based ladies surely know what mixing tech house with groovy funky house is all about. Pure adrenaline is what these chicks live on and that is why they simpely rock every set they play. Just two female DJ's, who give you two times the energy, who bring you two times the ultimate love for house music. That is what differentiates them from other artists. It is that passion for true house music that brought Jessica & Ninon behind the decks. After a few smashing back 2 back sessions at Club NL, they felt the vibe was mutual: this made them decide to continue their career in music as a duo.
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Laatste optreden was op zaterdag 21 december 2013: MegaWatt Festival, Ijsselhallen zwolle, Zwolle
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