Angger Dimas (foto)
NaamAngger Dimas
Genreselectro, progressive
Boekingen viaSite
AffiliatieAce Agency
If Nasi Goreng, the mash up of rice, egg and vegetables is Indonesia's national food dish then DJ and producer Angger Dimas represents Indonesia's national music dish with his mash up of
chopped beats and pumping synths that are topped off with some Dutch inspired spicy sounds!
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3 opmerkingen

Wauwie what an amazing Dj!!! I was at kings of ace at the sand..Ow my ow my so fucking good!!!!
Keep up the good work Angger Dimas!! Thanxx i had a great party!!
Terimah kasih njong!!
Amatoooo :D
Deze Indonees draait zo lekker hŤ.≠ Bijzondere eigen style waar je hartstikke lekker op kunt gaan!