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NaamVernon Bara
Leeftijd39 - 40
Genrestechhouse, techno
Vernon Bara debuted his musical journey in 1999 as DJ and producer. After a few releases of his own, Vernon began a collaboration with Massimo Dacosta and in 2002, the duo "Vernon & Dacosta" was born. The duo grew to become one of the most prolific in the Belgian house music scene, and saw over 50 tracks and remixes released on labels such as Robsoul, Aroma, and OM.

Vernon's side project, Lust Addict, got underway in 2006. This project was more techno focused, and Lust Addict saw releases on Toys for Boys and Playground (Lessizmore). The tracks were widely supported by Ricardo Villalobos, Luciano, Laurent Garnier, Silicone Soul, and the likes.

When the Lust Addict project was put to rest, Vernon continued on his journey as a producer to release under the moniker "Vernon" on Readymade (Lessizmore) his tracks were remixed and supported by talent including Shaun Reeves, Lee Curtiss, Nekes, and Chirs Carrier.

In 2011, Vernon teamed up once again with his long time collaborator Massimo Dacosta, launching the label "Homecoming Music" and recently launched a compilation which included productions from Fabrice, Lig, Jay Tripwire, DJ Sneak, Djebali, DJ Wild, Phil Weeks, and Bret Johnson with "Raw District on remix duties. 2011 proved to be a busy year for Vernon, as he also teamed up with Igor Vicente to create the DJ duo, Ultrasone. The two have been widely supported and have seen great success, frequenting clubs and festivals world wide.

Three years after the Ultrasone project began, Vernon joined forces once again with his longtime partner Massimo Dacosta to form "Raw District", out on Defected Records, in addition to remixes for Izgud and Systematic and release for Rebellion and Souvenir which will soon be released.

Since his career began Vernon has taken up residences in major cities including London and Ibiza. He has also played in some of the biggest clubs and festivals in Belgium such as, Fuse, Café d'Anvers, Culture Club, Decadance, H20, Tomorrow Land, Dour Festival, Extrema and Worldwide such as, Fabric (London), DC. 10 (Ibiza), Sankeys (Ibiza), La Terrazza (BCN), Cocorico (Riccione), and in Moscow, Munich, Berlin, Rome, Turin, Milan, Krakow.

Over his 15 year production career including his works under his various alias', Vernon Bara has released over 200 titles and remixes on labels such as Visionquest, Robsould, Hot Creation, OM, Toys For Boys, Supplement Fact, Maison d'Etre, Defected, Saved, CityFox, Rebellion and Get Physical.

His titles were compiled on NKR (Seth Troxler in The Lab), Dj Mag (Maya Janes Coles), Space Ibiza Closing, Fabrik (by 2020 Vision), Café D'Anvers (Silicone Soul), Ministry of Sound (Sneak), Cadenza Vagabundos (Cesar Merveille) but also on Majors such as Universal and EMI.
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