Pete Bandit
Magnetronik · 15 oktober 2005
NaamPieter Ridder
Lid van groepenJason & The Argonauts, Pete Bandit & Jason Shae & Times are Ruff
Genrestechhouse, techno
Pete Bandit started DJ'ing fourteen years ago, in 1995 to be exact. Most of the other artists in the SQUZ agency actually learned how to read in that same year, but that's a whole different story. Pete's experience with music, both playing and producing it, is unprecedented.

As a producer Pete Bandit has also been quite succesfull so far; being part of the Le Chien Perdu and Jason & The Argonauts producer teams, Pete has released on several national and international labels, with a lot more to come. Lately Pete has been in the studio with multiple projects, including with Jason & The Argonauts member Jason Shae. This latest project seem to work out great again and we can't wait untill the first release will hit the shelves.
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Oscar Velasquez
Funkende dansbare stevige house, love it
daddy cool
Marmelade Punk
Toffe plaatjes &­ fikse stuiterbal @­ the decks!
Deze man
Pietre Bandito, rockerrrr!
Willi Vanilli
deze pappi klaart 'm!

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Admin van PF: is foutje...­tis Jason geen Pete of Nieuwton of zo.­ Doen jullie dit express om mij te narre of zo.­
for dead or alive FAITH!

Mind in machine!

Oeh oeh oeh, heul groot fan van deze man zijn producties :)!
He know's what house music means...­