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This female DJ has been spinning records since 2007. People call her: 1st lady of party hard.
Made in June is one of the few female DJ's who is also a star in mixing the music. In the heavily male dominated DJ market, it is rare to find a female DJ who has all the potential. She knows which song to play and make the people want to dance from the minute she starts until the last drop!
Her Bootlegs are getting playes by big DJ's and her first Track is coming out soon on label Bad Manor which get's already support from the Partysquad and Mightyfools!
She playes in the biggest clubs and parties of Amsterdam like Paradiso, Air, Sugar factory, NYX, Bitterzoet, Jimmy Woo, Westerunie etc.
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Laatste optreden was op zondag 22 oktober 2017: Made in June invites, Locatie Laurier, Amsterdam
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