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NaamDaniel Erlacher
FunctieDJ, live act
Eiterherd, aka. Daniel Erlacher is one of the founders of the Elevate Festival in Graz, Austria, which he has organized since 2005. He is particularly interested in the interfaces between free and open technology, media, art and critical discourse. As a music producer he released several records on Austrian and international labels, most notably his debut album '1984 vs 1999" (Widerstand/Praxis, 1999), which deals with the topics of surveillance state and cryptography. His musical style can be described as 'dark, sick music" aka. Fast or slow, noisy broken/cut up distorted disco produced with Schismtracker on Linu
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Laatste optreden was op donderdag 3 maart 2016: Extrem Berlin #2, Lauschangriff, Berlijn
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Eiterherd has been involved with experimental music since 1994, when he started off spinning electronic Hardcore/Gabber around Graz/Austria as well as in Maribor/Slovenia. At that time in 1995 he started focussing on composing on various trackers on the PC. In 1996 Eiterherd and Gwal founded the label Widerstand Records, which was the first pure electronic music label in Graz. The idea behind Widerstand Records was to deliver unconventional music as well as implementing non-profit orientated ways of doing record business and having various political messages.

The first release on the label was a limited (500) split 12inch vinyl featuring the label founders Gwal and Eiterherd. It was released in October 1996 and was sold rather quickly. The follow up releases came out in early 1997 and were solo 12inch EPs by Gwal and Eiterherd. In March a sublabel was founded: Silent Revolution Records. In 1998 Gwal and Eiterherd split up and Gwal founded his own label Dusk Records. Eiterherd continues to manage Widerstand Records. In Easter 1998 he composed his first full-length album in one weekend using samples from the film 1984 (based on a novel by George Orwell). The album was released as a co- production with Praxis Records, and was titled 1984 vs. 1999. The 1000 copies of this double-12inch were sold fast and the responses to the album were quite good. The album contained many links to webpages (politics, security, hacking, information, etc..), which were printed on the back of the cover. Worldwide communication became more important than local activities and he established global contacts from Poland to Australia, America, Japan and so on.. In the last couple of years, Widerstand has continued to put out records by artists Eiterherd deems important. He has also played out extensively in Europe and also organized the Widerstand/PeaceOff USA Tour 2001, where Rotator,Slam and Eiterherd played gigs all over the States. 2 other sublabels were founded too: reek.org and pornoir.com.

Eiterherd is also responsible for the maintainance and design of http://widerstand.org - online since late 1997.


Widerstand 01 - 12inch Split EP / 1996
Widerstand 03 - 12inch EP / 1997
Silent Revolution Rec. 01 / 1997
Special Forces Rec. 01 / 1997
Hard N´Horrible Vol.1 CD (2Tracks) / 1998
Widerstand LP01/Praxis 30- 2x12inch / 1999
Fuckparade CD Compilation (1Track) / 2000
Trash Tapes 15 (1Track) / 2000
Suburban Trash 008 (1Track w.Hecate) / 2001
Conceptual Chaos CDR (1Track) / 2001
ZOD.02 12inch Split with Hecate / 2001
Reflux Records 12inch XX Tracy Remix Track / 2001
Idroscalo Dischi 01 (1Track) / 2001
Riposte 10 - Split CDR / 2001
Trash Tapes 30 / Sir Harris Tunes 1 CDR - (1Track) / 2001
Sir Harris Tunes 3 Tape - Distorted Disco Live / 2001
Bad Taste CDR Compilation (1Track) / 2001
Peace Off 4 - Split 12inch / 2001
Suizid Records - Innovationswerk CD Comp. (1Track) / 2002
Sozialistischer Plattenbau - Bio:Me:Tricks 12inch Comp (1Track) / 2002
KIM Records - Austrian Audience Sampler (CD) (1 Track) / 2002
French AntiFAF - Anti Nazi 12inch Comp. (1Track) / 2002
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Widerstand 01 - 12inch Split EP / 1996

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