Ticon (foto)
NaamFilip Mardberg & Fredrik Gilenholt
Functielive act
Genresgoa, psytrance
SiteSite ticonmusic.com
The successful Ticon grooves comes from Filip Mårdberg of vintage year 1979 and Fredrik Gilenholt of an equivalent 1977. The story of their musical involvement dates long back as they in 1991 found the mutual interest for underground dance music and became friends. Fredrik had already been listening to hard trance and acid techno for a while and introduced Filip who, probably due to the size of their hometown Malmoe - Sweden (and maybe his age), had never heard anything like it but was immediately addicted. It didn't take long before they both started to dream about making this music themselves and with an Amiga 500 they where on the go.
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Als dit de Ticon van Rip it up is...... top 10 beste trance nummer OOIT :respect: