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NaamFerry Noble
Noble started his musical career in Rotterdam, the Netherlands. His first experience with drum & bass music took place at Helter Skelter in Milton Keynes '98, where he saw Kenny Ken playing a blinding set, which took off the roof. After taking note of what other dj's were doing behind the decks back in Holland, Noble started having a go at things at the age of 18.
His first break at things came in 2000 when a dj contest was organised in Rotterdam. Noble ended up winning first prize, and his first steps in the Dutch d&b scene were made.
Soon after, Noble was asked to play at parties across the country, from his hometown to Groningen, where he ended up developing friendships with a lot of people...
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yo noble alles flexie tjek ff fenix op partyflock en doe ff een shout out op de fenix flock..peace poeleck