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Bio DJ Sha-Man-X

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In the year 1992 I started to organize parties. A year later I had my first DJ performance in The Willemeen in Arnhem. This was my first Acid-house Party and later on, I became an Acid-Trance DJ. As DJ Man-X I often performed as a Hardcore & Jungle DJ. Later on Jungle become Drum & Bass and I became tired of the hard beats and skinheads and stopped as a hardcore DJ. I ‘am still performing underground styles like : Acid(core), Space-Techno, Acid Trance, Drum'n Bass & Jungle.

Until 2012 I have a powerful collection of Detroit Techno and Acid Trance and I am still updating my collection. Nowadays Techno styles are becoming more popular, so now I also have a collection of the newest Techno styles like : Space Techno & Psychedelic Techno.

In 2005 I discovered the music of Shulman and my interest for Psychedelic Ambient (PsyBient) was born. I found out that this music is creating a more uplifting environment and is also very suitable for tripping on natural hallucinogenic drugs, like psilocybin and isolator.

And now, after a long time collecting I have a large choice of hypnotic Psychedelic dance music like: Psytrance, PsyTechno, Forrest & Psy-Bient danceable. In 2010 I bought myself two Pioneers CDJ-800 MKII (CD-players) and train myself now to become a psychedelic DJ, ranging from chill and downbeats to fast and hypnotic rolling beats. Of course my long years as an Acid-Trance DJ and my experience as a psychedelic Ambient DJ help me in becoming a high performing new Psychedelic Dance DJ.

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Go to my homesite for more info and download mixes :

These last 5 years I am in the process of rebuilding my home studio for my new music project, Energetic Vortex a Psychedelic Techno Project (where two styles come together).

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For Info, BIO, Video’s & Audio-Streams :

DJ Sha-Man-X : PsyTrance, Downbeats Psy, Psy-Techno, Forrest & PsyBient(danceable), Acid-Trance, Acidcore & Space Techno.