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NaamEllinor Ellie Pettersson
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Guten Abend, Elli!!! (F)

I'm fijn ... and I hope you too!? (Y)

For me it was laso really nice to meet & talk to you! :bounce:

Travelling home after the party wasn't so easy because I was a little bit tired ... but in the last I arrived sure my home! :gaap: ;-p

Unfortunately I don't live so close to Netherland like Nils ... for me it's 110km more to the border! :-s :no:

Hope you've also coming home safe!?

Your week sounds really busy ... I've "only" to work from Monday till Friday, but every day nearly 10 hours and after the work I go on 4 days to my training! :-o :9

Yeah ... I'm happy to know that we'll see us again on Masters! :cheer: :kwijl: <3

Take also care ... Kussje (K)
Huuuhuuu!!! :bye:

I'm glad to hear that you & Camilla have coming home safe! (Y)

1,5 days in Netherland is for sure not much time but all what counts is the fun & the people that you've met!? ;-p B)

I find Hardcore (especially Speedcore, Terror & Darkcore)also much beter than Hardstyle ... but it's never wrong to be a little bit flexible!? ;-p :lol:

I'll train every of the 4 days bodybuilding, but 2 of the days I make even 30 minutes of Cardio/Crosstrainer after that! :kwijl: B)

No, I don't sleep over at Nils ... I travelled direct home from him! :no:

I live in a small city with nearly 60000 people!

And you ... Live you directly in Stockholm?

I was 3 times @ MOH in Netherland ... It was every time a nice party, you'll like it very much! :yes: :cheer:

Sleep wel & have a nice day too! ;-)

Kussje (K)
Yeeees, just move to holland haha! No I'm not going to MOH.. I never had great parties over there, mostly because I'm a hardstyler and not so much fan of hardcore.. But everyone who did liked hardcore had great parties over there, so I think you will like it alot over there! I'm going to promo, also hardcore in march.. Im going because all my friends are going too, and have been there last year too.. And they dont play so hard, so I liked it very much.. Ofcourse you will meet me at defqon! I really love that party! But there comes another party, named pleasure island.. And that will be mostly the same as defqon! I would really love it if i could go to the black and white cruise.. We have to see if we can pay it, otherwise you will see me there too! Pusss :kusje2: (k)
Schönen guten Tag!!! :-)

You have indeed right ... Hardstyle is much better than Trance or House!? *gg* :lol:

Hmmm ... I don't think that I#ve to sleep over at Nils, i can also sleep shortly in my car on a parketplace!? ;-)

This is really central ... but Stockholm sounds very nice!? :yes:

Be sure ... You'll be not really get disappointed, the sound & the atmosphere there is much beter than on Hard Bass!? ;-p :woepwoep:

I hope you've had a nice day and it was not too long for you!?

My working day was ok ... and after the work I've gone with one of my best mates to the cinema (96 hours)! :-p

Tommorow I'll stay home ... but on Saturday I'll going with Nils to a little Hardcore-Party in Eindhoven! :banana: ;-p

You work in a discotheek ... this is sure a nice & funny job!? B)

Take also care ... Kussje :kusje2:

I had seen you with Hard Bass, Kon bad between the people running hahahaha, next time better! How did you find the party itself?
Knockout is your next party?

see you soon!

:kusje: (K)
Guten Abend!!! ;-p

Nooo, his home isn't so dirty & I could sleep there for sure ... but I like it more to sleep @ my home!? :-o ;-p

Stockholm in snow looks indeed beautiful I think ... but I like more the sun & hot temperatures! ;-) B)

The party in Eindhoven was not really good ... no goed athmosphere, a very little location & a lot of very young people!? :-s :no:

Have also a nice week ... I'm still waiting for MOH too!? ;-) :kwijl: :cheer:

Kussje :kusje2:
Hihihi ... The age is mostly not the problem I think, it's more the kind of making party they make/didn't make!? ;p :lol:

And ... Have you built a snowman? :D

Hmm ... That sounds really nice & intim, so I would like to sleep there too, hihihi!? ;p :kwijl: :lol:

But so it would be more nice for me than to the sleep @ a male friend!? ;p :bloos: :9

How was the birthday of your friend?

My favoutite food is Sushi/Japanese, Indian and Mexican food! :p :kwijl:

And yours?

Have a nice evening ... :hug:
:knuf: Just 9 more weeks...
Are you coming over to visit?
(k) Jolanda
Hi sweety,no it's my second.
Got a son he's 7 allmost.
If you are still in Groningen in 8 weeks you can visit us.
Btw you look good in that picture,sexy little thing ;)
Big :knuf: for you me dear friend (k)
Btw i have a nice outfit for you,if you want it.
It's new a bikinitop whit some white pants.
I'll send you a picture if you send me your emailadress.
:knuf: Jolanda
Dankje wel

Hoppas allt e bra med dej!
Hur var Masters of Hardcore? Bra?

And what do I see, did you ended your relation?
Hope to see you soon baby!
It was so nice to dance with you at hardbass :D

Lots of love (f)
Heya, Sweetje!!! :bye:

Thats good to know! (Y)

But I've had the same problems with my feets after the party! :-s :aai:

Yap ... I've slept 3 hours @ Nils, during he checked up his fotos ... then I drived home! :yes:

Next year I'll be also there @ MOH for sure! :yes: :cheer:

Hoop you've had a nice start in the new week!?

Have a nice wednesday ... ;-)

Kan best

You go girl, only partying :cheer:
Sad it doesn't work for now.. Maybe you can make it up later!
Bet you have plenty of friends who will be there for you :)

Nice to hear the music was better then on hardbass..
I didnt heard a HARD BASS at all :lol:
But yes, the company is better when there are lots of friends!

Really wanna visit a cruise in sweden soon..
But I'm affraid it will be next year..
To much costs for my friends place now, so thats sad!
And we also wanna take a vacation in summer...

Well have a great cruise then..
And hope to party with you again soon!
Will you visit In Qontrol this year?
I'm still thinking about going..

Loveee :lief:
Good evening Sweetje!!! :hug:

Ho ho ho ... Very funny, this wasn't really thought to be a public picture of me!? :-o :-s :bloos:

Hmmm ... OK, I believe you so that your shoes are very painful at such a long party!? :aai:

WOW ... You two on a party-cruise, then I wish you a lot of fun & nice greetz for Camilla! ;-p :banana:

Hihihi ... No, normally I sleep 4-6 hours (and sometimes more) after a party! :D ;p

Have a nice party ... Kussje
Juhu, Sweetje!!! (F)

I'm glad to hear that the cruise was so good ... but I can imagine too what it means when the music is not so goed!? ;p :s

My weekend was very goed ... Friday I was with Nils on Army of Hardcore & saturday on Reset in Zaandam, both were really nice partys! ;p :banana:

On sunday I was only relaxing! B)

Hmmm ... That you've to work on weekend is not so nice!? :aai:

Yes, I've MSN ... But I'm there mostly on invisible: ;-p

Take also care and have a good night with nice dreams! ;-)

Juuuhuuuuu & good evening, little Lady!!! ;-p

Hihihi ... What an imagination, Armin van Buuren & Hardcore!? *gg* ;-p :lol:

What a pity that in Sweden there are not so much good partys & clubs like in Netherland!? :-o :aai:

If you add me I've to thank you ... and we can also write if I'm invisible!? ;-p :bloos:

Yes of course ... Nils & I have had really a nice weekend again (like nearly every time when we go out on partys in my beloved Netherland)!?

Hmmm ... You mean for sure Emporium, this is a very nice party (Nils & I were there last year, the only bad thing was the weather)! :yes: (Y) :banana:

Kiss back on your sweet mouth ... ;-p :kusje2:
Hey i am good and you ?

Do it well ... It was really a nice & big party!? ;-p (Y)

I'm so sorry for you ... that's not fair, you're right!? :-( :aai:

But I'll think on you & keep up some party for you! ;-p :banana:

babysitting and you ?

Heya, Sweetje!!! (F)

How was your weekend so ... Have you had time to relax & to make a little bit party?

Be happy, that you weren't on PROMO ... The party wasn't worth his money, too dark, too bad & no atmopshere there!? :-s :no: :nocheer:

Hey, Honey!!! :9

That sounds like a nice & funny weekend that you've had!? ;-p

I can really imagine that he was shocked about to hear from Hardcore-Partys!? *gg* :lol:

Ts, ts, ts ... I believe you for sure that you love everything about Hardcore!? :D :bloos:

My work was ok for a monday & yesterday we've had stock-taking in our firm ... so I've had to work till 24 o' clock yesterday evening!? :-s

And how was your week till now?

The weather here is rainy & a little bit cold! :-(

Goedemorgen liefje!!! :hug:

My week has been also very busy ... But I'm very happy if it is friday evening & the weekend will be on the run! ;-p :banana:

And then I've my new money on the bank too! :cheer:

Tomorrow I'll only go to a discothek in the near ... But saturday I'll go with Nils to Hardcore Italia in Zaandam! ;p :bounce:

In the beginning of august I'll travel with some of my friends to Golden Sands in Bulgaria again ... and I'll be on some partys & festivals in summer too! :p B) :woepwoep:

When is the Fullmoon Festival & where in Germany ... Eventually we can meet us then for one day if you like!? ;p :bloos:

Hihihi ... I was meaning "stock-taking"!? :lol:

Hotel exploring for Nils? :-o