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Laatst bezochte feest was op zaterdag 13 augustus 2022: Street Parade, Centrum Zürich, Zürich
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no one writes any comments here :( no one likes me :( only this super crazy guy on the picture :D:D
laatste aanpassing
I guess I'll be the first one to write something here then;)
no !! I was faster :p, too late :p :p
welcome anyway
So how u doing? :D ready for PH13?
great, thank you. Sure I am ready, wanted to go to a party this saturday already...too much energy :D but stayed to reserve the power for a real party :D
Haha yea awesome vid :D
hope to see you soon too, mate! You going to Defqon and Dominator?
Hey mafkees, i remember you from hardcore italia in sans 2 months ago :) see you again at the ophidian party in january
hey Mr. Frenchcore, I was at Dominator twice, its enough. Never been to Defqon, so maybe I go there. Next is MAtrixx in Nijmegen :)
Yes, Skyfire, he comes to Sans Souci often :) I still hope for a great Hardcore Italia Line Up in Sans Souci...
I really hope to see you too on moh :D
long time not seen you in Sans Souci,
Hopefully I'll see you tomorrow at MOH!
laatste aanpassing
Look at me omg xD

Oh and you wanted me to give some good raw hardstyle djs, right? :D
Try Titan, Chain Reaction, Degos & Re-Done, Thera :)
laatste aanpassing
Degos & Re-Done are great. And the raw hardstyle area in Qontinent was great. From now on I will go to some raw hardstyle partys :)
This summer will be great: 2 festivals + no job stress :D
after over 23 years of partying I am "retiring" to have time for other things in life like driving by motorbike, paragliding, skiing or journeying. Maybe I will go to visit a party again, but not so often like in the past, the magic is gone, time to invest the time in other things. I am proud to enjoyed the best parties in the world, often to be speechless about the beauty.