Gezocht: Godse-beuk-nrs!

Zoals de titel al zegt: Ik ben op zoek naar godse-beuk-nrs.­ Liefst in de categorie Hardstyle, Dana e.­d.­
Ik heb genoeg goeie nrs gehoord maar ken geen namen.­
ik ken genoeg "godse beuknummers" mah niet in de categorie hardstyle ;)
dave tarrida - Horrormone (The Horrorist Remix)

is wel techno maar hij beukt wel lekker!!!
Sorry..... :)

Dj promo - beat ya brain again.mp3
DJ Niel - battlefield.mp3
Dj Outblast - eardrumz.mp3
Dj Outblast - The Gates Are Open.mp3
Dj outblast- master's symphony.mp3
Dj Paul Elstak - Rage.mp3
DJ Paul vs DJ Panic - Up Yours.mp3
DJ Paul Vs. Panic - Go!.mp3
DJ Paul vs The Stunned Guys - thrillseeka (hard creation remix).mp3
DJ Pavo - In the mixx.mp3
Dj promo & X-ess - vicious circle.mp3
Dj promo - counter attack.mp3
Dj promo - patterns in chaos.mp3
Dj promo - Running Against The Rules.mp3
Dr macabre - danse macabre.mp3
Dr Z-Vago - wazzaaaaaaaaa.mp3
E-Man - entering the unknown.mp3
Endymion - Running.mp3
JDA--Voel je die bass.mp3
Hard creation - let's get'm all.mp3
Impulse factory - let him go.mp3
Sequential one - Dance.mp3
Human Resource - Dominator.mp3
Meagashira - End Of Line.mp3
Neophyte - guitar man.mp3
Neophyte - Execute.mp3
Placid k - Here.mp3
Evil Activities - x-tinction.mp3
The Blaster - War is comming man.mp3
Nosferatu - experminents of human nature.mp3
Hard Creation - rules of the underground.mp3
Placid K - Apocalixis.mp3
Neophyte - anybody out there.mp3
Neophyte - Hardcore Hooligans.mp3
Tankis Sa Vietto - Octopus (Lost in Case remix).mp3
Neophyte - catastrophy (lenny dee & jappo hostile mix).mp3
Neophyte - it's the men of steel.mp3
Evil activities - Harder And Harder.mp3
Jones & Stephen - The First Rebirth.mp3
Endymion - Final Battle.mp3
Marquis De Sade - The Brother Marquiz.mp3
G-Town Madness - Silence.mp3
G-Town Madness - The Legacy Continous.mp3
The masochist - anticipation.mp3
System 3 - Like A Shot.mp3
Rotterdam Terror Corps Vs The Headbanger - Banging Your Fist.mp3
JDA - Voel je die bass(Mysteryland 2000 remix).mp3
Radikal Techno - James Brown Is Dead.mp3
The Stunned Guys & DJ Paul - He Never Lost His Hardcore.mp3
Hard Creation - I Will Have That Power.mp3
Jones & Stephenson The First Rebirth (Noom RMX).mp3
Impulse Factory - The Holy Goes.mp3
Masters Of Ceremony (Neophyte & Evil Activities) - Hardcore Will Survive.mp3
Marshall Masters- Hustler For Life.mp3
Marshall Masters- I Like it Loud.mp3
Masters of Ceremony - Way of life.mp3
Neophyte - braincracking.mp3
Neophyte - Hardcore power.mp3
Neophyte - I Will Have That Power.mp3
Neophyte - Number One Fan .mp3
Neophyte - Rotterdam Hooligan.mp3
Neophyte & The Stunned Guys - Army Of Hardcore.mp3
Rotterdam Terror Corps - The Horror [Buzz Fuzz Mix].mp3
Rotterdam Terror Corps - nobody harder (g-town madness remix).mp3
Rotterdam Terror Corps-We're gonna blow your mind .mp3
Speedy J - Pannik.mp3
Speedy J - Pull Over (Remix).mp3
The Headbanger - Sweet dreams (you bastard).mp3
The Alienator - prey (headbanger remix).mp3
Neophyte & Dj Paul - 98 to Piano.mp3
The masochist - careless.mp3
T-wisted - Make me.mp3
N-Vitral - enhence nervous.mp3
The Masochist vs. Bass-d & King Matthew - get retarded.mp3
The Masochist - Masochizm.mp3
The Masochist - No newstyle- (Dj Buzz Fuzz mix).mp3
The Headbanger ft Alee & Ruffian - headbanger theme.mp3
The Masochist vs. Dj Panic- headclapper.mp3
The Stunned Guys & Darien Kelly - Our Definition of the Oldstyle.mp3
The Ultimate Seduction - The ultimate seduction.mp3
Rotterdam Terror Corps - You're Dealing With.mp3
Unknown arstist - I Was Born Hardcore.mp3
Dj Promo - Warface.mp3
Rotterdam Terror Corps - Maniac.mp3
In The Mix Vol. 2
dj promo - the bad guy.mp3
dj promo - Feel The Thunder.mp3
dj promo - Into The Light.mp3
dj promo - not down with the standard.mp3
dj promo - Dedicated.mp3
dj promo - Cold as stone.mp3
dj promo - boomin' out the box.mp3
dj promo - smoke motherfuckers.mp3
dj promo - 20000 freaks.mp3
Buzz Fuzz - Alcoholic Party.mp3
dj promo - burning for you.mp3
dj promo - system feedback.mp3
The Headbanger ft. Alee & Ruffian - headbanger theme.mp3
The Masochist - Sell your pussy.mp3
The Masochist (Marquiz De Sade) - Sadizm.mp3
Virus - Evil is among thee.mp3
Beastie Boys - Intergalactic (DJ Buzz Fuzz Hardcore Remix).mp3
Danger Hardcore Team - 69.mp3
DJ Buzz Fuzz & The Prophet - Go Get ill .mp3
Dj Dione - Nuclear device.mp3
DJ Lancinhouse - Atmosfera.mp3
DJ Paul vs DJ Panic - I hate you so much !.mp3
Dj Promo - The industry can't stop me.mp3
Dj Promo & Catscan - Battle of Sexes.MP3
DJ Rob & MC Joe - Hardbeat (Dj Niel Bio Remix).mp3
Endymion - We are the future.mp3
Evil Activities - I know what you did last summmer.mp3
G-Town Madness - Locked down.mp3
Impulse Factory vs. The Reactor & Raoul - Hardcore will neve.mp3
Isaac @ 'Pont Aeri'.mp3
Jason S - Darkside Hardcore Jaarmix 2000.mp3
Jason S - Floating Around In XTC.mp3
Jason S - Get The Fuck Outta My House...Bitch!.mp3
Madonna VS Speedy J - Pull Over 4 Music.mp3
Masters Of Ceremony (Neophyte) - Hardcore will survive.mp3
Negative A - keep you in safety.mp3
Neophyte & The Masochist - I'm the Man.mp3
Neophyte - A Rotterdam Gabber.mp3
Neophyte - guitar man (live @ mysteryland).mp3
Neophyte Vs DJ Paul - Da Pussy.MP3
Neophyte vs Scott Brown - This one is for you.mp3
Rotterdam Terror Corps - The Masochist - Torture.mp3
dj dione - oh god.mp3
dj promo - midnight impact.mp3
dj promo - Magic Laugh.mp3
masters of ceremony - under control.mp3
DJ Nosferatu - fuck the prejudice.mp3
DJ Nosferatu - the prayer.mp3
armageddon project - spawn of misanthropy.mp3
Fuck The Prejudice - DJ Nosferatu.mp3
armageddon project - church of pentagram.mp3
the masochist - Hitsound.mp3
dj promo - Whiplash.mp3
Ophidian - Absolute Evil.mp3
dj promo - appetite for hardness.mp3
the horrorist - one night in nyc.mp3
Jason S - The Reactor, Raoul & Miss Flower VS DJ Distortion & DJ Paul - Feel The Dirty Words In The Mu
Jason S - Your mother sucks cocks in the church of pentagram.mp3
Jason S - Thunderball VS Chosen Few It's The Name Of Your DJ (Rip Your Soul Mix).mp3
Jason S - DJ Promo Megamix.mp3
Jason S - Let Me In Your Fucking House.mp3
dj promo - bullet from my gun.mp3
E-noid - On The Edge Of Dreams.mp3
g shock - Demons.mp3
Nosferatu vs Myrmidon - Pop Goes Da Pistol (DJ J.D.A. remix).mp3
Secret Simba - Wonderfull Days.mp3
Secret Simba - Radio3 Isabelle.mp3
Secret Simba - Lounge In Space.mp3
Secret Simba - Springtime.mp3
Secret Simba - Sphere.mp3
DJ J.D.A. vs. Bass-D & King Matthew - Survivors of hardcore.mp3
Like this--Ear Terror Dj Team.mp3
gabrielle - Don't Need The Sun To Shine.mp3
Ja Rule feat.Case - Livin It Up.mp3
Anastacia - Paid My Dues.mp3
Jason S - The Chainsaw Massacre
Jason S - Unleash hell
Jason S - Pounding Your Brain Again
Jason S - The Darkside Of The Core
Thunderdome - The Essential '92-'99 Collection
Thunderdome 2000 cd 2
Dj Paul - Offensive
Hardcore 4 Life
dogma - dimension (endymion remix).mp3
endymion - It's all music.mp3
failure - Endymion (Marc Acardipane Mix).mp3
illmatic - Anger is easy.mp3
impulse factory - Rock My World (Bass-D & King Matthew Rmx).mp3
jiieehaa - Diss Reaction.mp3
jones and stephenson - the first rebirth.mp3
01. Mescalinum United - We Have Arrived (DJ Promo Remix).mp3
mad-e-fact - the hustle.mp3
meagashira - Dj Killa.mp3
01. we have arrived - mescalinum united.mp3
meagashira - End of line (Endymion rmx).mp3
02. eye d - fucking ants.mp3
menace ii society - Fear of others.mp3
menace ii society - son of a bitch.mp3
03. Enzyme 5 - Life Is Pain.mp3
negative a - D-Bad Dead.mp3
neophyte vs stunned guys - Nation of domination.mp3
04 - Catscan - no request.mp3
neophyte vs stunned guys - There is no other.mp3
04. Ill Matic - inner outside.mp3
neophyte vs the stunned guys - Nation of Domination.mp3
05. Rude Awakening - means to an end.mp3
neophyte vs the stunned guys - There is no other.mp3
nina - Nokum.mp3
06. Dj Outblast - Communication (Original mix).mp3
noize suppressor - movin' quickly.mp3
07. Angerfist - little elfs.mp3
placid k - Live @ Thunderdome Live Session, ID&T Radio.mp3
7. DJ Niel - the cave.mp3
08. armageddon project - Heretic Brotherhood.mp3
09. Vacorps - Dynamic Graphic.mp3
10. death factory - fight (unexist remix).mp3
11. Endonyx - e-sick-o.mp3
12. EBE COMPANY - Sub Seven (RMX by Catscan).mp3
13. Enzyme X - Post-Traumatic Fuckup.mp3
14. armageddon project - blessed by kaos.mp3
15. pain - Twistericals.mp3
rob gee - Nonshlen tustokken (Neophyte rmx).mp3
16. DJ Partyraiser & T.I.M. - Revolution revenger.mp3
rotterdam terror corps - Unleash hell (Terror mix).mp3
system 3 - Like a shot (DJ J.D.A. rmx).mp3
17. negative a - Beat your mamma's ass!.mp3
the headbanger - raven was called sin.mp3
the headbanger fea. dj waxweazle - sweet dreams.mp3
18. Drokz & Tails - Holland is GVD 't hardste! (Jason S ReRe.mp3
DVE & Metatron - This Is Only The Beginning.mp3
116 gif phobia - this shit is my life-sq.mp3
160-DJ Killah - survivor (placid k remix).mp3
160-meagashira - Swarm.mp3
Dr. Z-Vago - Flying high.mp3
205 nosferatu - up the drums-sq.mp3
Drokz & Tails - Holland is GVD 't hardste! (Jason S ReRemix).mp3
206 neophyte vs the stunned guys - nation of domination-sq.mp3
a1 digital boy - xcursion-sq.mp3
a1 mc rage with digital boy and dj bike - how u diein-sq.mp3
EBE COMPANY - Early Report.mp3
A1 Meagashira - Dj Killa.mp3
EBE COMPANY - Sub Seven (RMX by Catscan).mp3
alienator - Causin' panic.mp3
EBE COMPANY - eternity.mp3
Angerfist - Cannibal.mp3
Angerfist - Within the darkness.mp3
armageddon project - blessed by kaos.mp3
Endymion and mc rage - the ones to make you suffer-sq.mp3
armageddon project - in the underworld.mp3
armageddon project - morning star.mp3
Endymion vs Evil Activities - B4 Your Eyes.mp3
G-Shock - Demons (DJ Promo remix).mp3
G-Shock - demons (endymion mix).mp3
bodylotion - Always a jellyhead (DJ J.D.A.'s Gelei mix).mp3
bodylotion - How much can you take (Catscan rmx).mp3
bodylotion - Make you dance (Endymion rmx).mp3
bodylotion - neighbourhood crime.mp3
G-Town Madness vs The Viper - here it comes.mp3
bodylotion - Wanna Freak You.mp3
Gabber Mafia - Gabber mafia (Stunned Guys rmx).mp3
Catscan - Demonic speed.mp3
Gif Phobia - This shit is my life.mp3
Catscan - my region.mp3
damage inc - Turn Around (The Viper Rmx).mp3
Damage Inc. - Turn Around (The Viper Remix).mp3
It's All Music - Endymion.mp3
dj buzz fuzz - frequencies.mp3
JDA & Digital Boy feat. Mc Rage - Hardcore for Life.mp3
dj buzz fuzz - Murphy's law (DJ Outblast rmx).mp3
KENG - Low Motherfucker.mp3
Kid Morbid - Chocolate milk.mp3
Kid Morbid - no escape from my wrath.mp3
dj dione - asshole.mp3
DJ Killah - survivor.mp3
Masters Of Ceremony (Neophyte & Evil Activities) - Hardcore .mp3
DJ Mad-E-Fact - The hustle.mp3
Masters Of Hardcore 5 - DJ JDA FT XT-I'm Hard To The Core.mp3
dj niel - the cave.mp3
My Project - Zanthrax.mp3
DJ Nosferatu - unacceptable (endymion remix).mp3
DJ Nosferatu vs. Endymion - Broken rules.mp3
NXS - Headrush 2002.mp3
DJ Or-Beat & K-Pax - Fucking war.mp3
Negative A - Cocksucker fuck you (Jason S' fuck Tiesto edit).mp3
dj outblast - communication catscan rmx-fed.mp3
Dj Outblast - Eargazm.mp3
DJ Parahond - Fuck The Policies.mp3
dj paul - i had to kill a lot of people.mp3
dj paul elstak - Get off the Fucking Car.mp3
dj paul elstak - I had to Kill a lot of People.mp3
dj paul vs dj distortion - Dirty Words & Bonus Blowjob.mp3
dj paul vs dj panic - To The Beats.mp3
DJ Paul vs The Stunned Guys - thrillseeka (hard creation rem.mp3
Neophyte Vs Stunned Guys - Get this MF (Jason S RMX).mp3
Rotterdam Terror Corps - nobody harder (g-town madness remix.mp3
dj promo - Escape from the hostile.mp3
Stunned Guys vs. DJ Paul - bombing eardrums.mp3
THE BLASTER - Listen Up Sista.mp3
THE BLASTER - war is coming man.mp3
The beholder feat. Max & Mike - Beating of the drumz.mp3
dj promo - rude awakening.mp3
DJ Resurrection - Ultimate Fucking Kaos.mp3

Klein deel van mijn hdd :)
2 BFS: Categorie Hardstyle, Hardcore of Hardhouse?
paar geinige hardstyle nummertjes!!!

smurref - put it in your nose (ard und jorn rmx)
ard und jorn - 16 (dj nagoom rmx)
technoboy - ravers rules
technoboy - harddrive (lesson 2)
showtek - save the day (dj youri in the sky rmx)
showtek - controller (dj duro rmx)
bruce wills - sensation (hardhouse rmx)
so project - direct dizko 2002
donkey rollers - motherf*ck (dj zany rmx)
cosmic gate - the truth (dj isaac rmx)
brooklyn bounce - loud & proud (dj isaac rmx)
dj isaac - on the edge
dj isaac - beat the silence
essential dj team - one diggi dong
shock project - sweep
atlantic wave - the creation

en toen hak geen zin meer om na te denken!!! :P
Voornamelijk hardcore :)

Je ziet nog een paar nummers van secret simba, die vind ik zelf wel goed.
Kijk zelf maar even op haar website Secret-Simba
Thnx 2 Wizz &­ BFS!!
Echt relaxed!!
Artiest Sjeez
the beholder feat max &­ mike - banging of the eardrums
Mother Of HardStyle : MEGAMIND - TAUB?
2 sjeez --> het is : the beholder feat max and mike - beating of the drumz...

banging of the eardrumz = :S whuahahahahha beter op je platen kijken gozert :P
en tjitz...­ no tenx!!! mr_­hardstyle@­hotmail.­com is mijn msn...­ ben nu op me stage dus kan je verder nie helpen, maar dan kank een ander keertje wat meer nummers doorgeven!!
2 Wizz! Dat zou helemaal mooi zijn!
Ik zit nu ook op m'n stage! Lekker warm hierzo! Airco kapot! Tjezus!
Probeer eens wat te downloaden van:
Noize suppressor
2 wizz: :$ zit hier op mijn stage en had al het idee dat ik iets fout deed, maar was nog niet wakker genoeg om te realiseren wat ;)
hier ook airco kapot...­ en ook foutje van mijn kant..­

t is Bruce Wills - Confusion theme

i am sorry!!!


Alphen -> Noize suppressor is zeker een goeie!
Zijn dit een beetje relaxte nrs??:

DJ Zagros &­ Pacific – Shine (DJ Wag rmx)
DJ Tony Touch – Fire
DJ Tom X – Cocaine (Bush rmx)
Zenith vs Avex – Scream
Yoji Biomehanika vs DJ Scot Project – Ding a ling
Arome – Hands up! (DJ Scot Project mix)
Marco V – Atalanta 02-02-2002
Uberdruck – Now or never
Mauro Picotto – Pulsar
DJ Tom X – Cocaine (Bush rmx)
Zenith vs Avex – Scream
Arome – Hands up! (DJ Scot Project mix)

cker weten, de rest weet ik ff nie uit mijn hoofd
Krijg al een aardig feestgevoel nu ik deze nrs geluisterd heb!!
Ik heb wel een lijst met zo'n 120 a 130 hardhouse/hardstyle nummers.­ Voeg me maar toe aan je MSN lijst ( moekuh@­hotmail.­com) en dan stuur ik de lijst wel.­ Beetje te groot om hier neer te zetten lijkt me
2 DJ MoekuH: Perfect! Zou echt gaaf zijn!
Daniele mondello - assasins (pavo rmx)
die is zooooooo hard
lekkere hardstyle 8)
Die heb ik ja.­ Staat op Qlimax cd mixed by DJ Pavo! Echt superlekker!!
Nog meer van zulk soort nrs?
Daniele mondello - assasins (pavo rmx)

%)%)%)%)%)%)%)%) Die is niet door Pavo geremixed hoor :D :D :D ahahhaa :)
nee ik heb een dikke plaat ghost stories- poltergeist deze heeft dana gedraaid in starlight als laatste
Richy B - Assimalate
Richy B - Percussive

Deze zijn best rossen