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nou de titel zegt het al,
wil je weten waar een vocal vandaan komt kun je hier je brandende vraag kwijt :)

zelf zou ik graag willen weten waar de vocal vandaan komt van de track Ophidian & D'Spyre - Reminiscence of a Future War..

Mystery &­ The Depudee – M.­I.­C.­
--> The Matrix
The Masochist – Noisemakers / Noizemakerz / Noisemakerz
--> Dr.­ Dre &­ Snoop Dogg – The Next Episode („ladadadada, it’s the one and only d o double g“)
Medium – Judgement Day
--> Terminator 2: Judgement Day
Re-Style – That Feeling
--> Tom Harding vs Marzz – Bring Back That Feeling
Pino D'Ambini featuring Beastie Boy - Do It Again (Hectic)
--> Program 1 - Betrayer (Pow!)
Sy &­ Unknown - Angelic Hardcore
--> Paul Van Dyk – For An Angel
Dj Ektoplasm &­ Dj Disorder - Bass Commanders
--> Madonna - Frozen
Uitspraak van badtripbob :lijn: op dinsdag 4 april 2017 om 20:52:
Speedfreak i fucking told you you fucking junkie!
disstrack over the spedfreak

wie geeft link?

tnx gappies!

volgens mij verkeerde topic maar ben waus.­ graag verplaatsing ifzo anders tnx

Neophyte - Speedfreak, Get This. Link heb ik niet voor je.
Bazooka – Bassdrum Korrekt
--> Smash – Ist Diese Bassdrum Korrekt? / Korreckte Atmosphaere
Bazooka – Da Oldskool
--> Hocus Pocus – Here’s Johnny („gabba dj, let the bassdrum go like“)
Sighnature &­ Mumblz – Dance You Fuckers
--> Bodylotion – Make You Dance
Unexist – Smash (2005)
--> Torque (Ice Cube: „I could smash you right now“)
Katharsys – Magnitude
--> Transcendence („things are far from what they were.­ This creative brain is self-sustaining and is capable of emotional expressivity.­ It’s radiation poisoning, the effect is irreversible“.­)
N.­F.­ &­ Vol-E – The Secret
--> Now You See Me

Forze Dj Team - 98 To Piano
--> Beastie Boys – The New Style („all the fly skimmies, feel the beat“) ( A skimmy =­ a super hot girl or group of girls).­
Ice Cube – No Vaseline
--> Division-X – It Ain’t Over (“it ain’t over, motherfuckers“)
--> Omar Santana – Vitamin Oh („the motherfuckin‘ saga continues“)
Base Alert – Jellyneck
--> Privilege – The Coke Man („follow us to the cocaine bar“) (Jellinek =­ drugskliniek in NL)
--> Phutura – Blue Flame („follow us tot he cocaine bar)
French Gabber Team – French Gabber Theme
--> Bérurier Noir – Johnny Reviens d'la Guerre
Hallucinator &­ Gridlok – No Escape
--> American Psycho

Hallucinator – Resistance
--> Terminator Salvation

Hallucinator &­ Thrasher – No Sleep Till PRSPCT
--> Beastie Boys – No Sleep Till Brooklyn
Donny – The Watchers
--> Congo („They are watching you“)
Dj Promo – Life From The Other Side
--> Mike Koglin feat.­ Beatrice – On My Way („visions floating round my head, of promises.­ I wonder if you catch me if I fall?“)
The Guardian – I Don’t Need Anybody
--> The MacKenzie featuring Jessy – Innocence („it feels so good / I feel like an Angel“)
Erre &­ Hardlogik – Perfect Hunting Machines
--> Jupiter Ascending
Scott Brown - Eternal Soul
--> RMB – Love Is An Ocean (Stephenson Remix) (retro trance track)
Gasmask 71 – Shape From Grenade
--> Mama („A ghost is an emotion bent out of shape, condemned to repeat itself time and time again“)
Matar - Bastardo
--> Hostel (“Who are You? / Where the fuck am I, what the fuck is this shit? / Fucking Bitch!“)
The Destroyer - Your Killing Me
--> Nighthawks met Sylvester Stallone („You’re fucking dead! You’re fucking dead!“)
Tropicana &­ Dj Bart – Things To Come
--> Mortal Kombat 1 film (Raiden: „You have been chosen to defend the realm of earth“)
Peter Kurten – Kill Me
--> Platoon??

Yves Deruyter – Rave City
--> Platoon (Charlie Sheen: „Dance, motherfucker“)
Dj Freak – You Pervert
--> Dr.­ Dre feat Snoop Dogg &­ Nate Dogg – The Next Episode
Dj Anas &­ Dj Bass – Dj’s Mind
--> Natural Born Deejays – Deejay’s Mind
James Daltan – Wanna Get High (Your Own Little Piece Of Heaven)
--> The Quick &­ The Dead
Lenny Dee – Fucking Hostile
--> Pantera – Fucking Hostile
Lowroller – Run
--> Deadpool 2 („Your time's up, you dumb fuck"­)

Dj Skinhead – Extreme Terror („Come on god, answer me.­ Why are the innocent dead and the guilty alive? Have you already said tot he world: „Here is justice, here is punishment, here… IN ME!“)
Revox – Words Of God („I still talk to god sometimes, I ask him if what I’m doing is right or wrong“)
--> The Punisher (1989)

3RDKND – Purge
--> The Purge

G-Town Madness meets Attic &­ Stylzz – Bring The Pain
--> My Fair Lady / London Bridge Is Falling Down (melodie kinderliedje / wijsje) („Seasons come and seasons go, we are waiting“)

Utamoh Thumo – Dead End
-->101 – Rock To The Beat (melodie)
laatste aanpassing
Cyrilien – God’s
--> Hellraiser („do I look like someone who cares what God thinks?“)
Bad MF – Game Over
--> Cixx feat.­ MC Syco – Madness (melodie)
--> Dj Sim, B-Ernd &­ Wax – Plain And Simple (“take me, sucker, not a move, game over“)
--> The Controllers – Testcrashin‘ (4 Minute Mix) „hooo, alright alright“
--> Vanaf 3m30 Rotterdam Terror Corps – Sound Of Madness ???
Brisk &­ Ham – Crazy Love
--> Alexia – Number One
The Prophet – You Don’t Stop
-->The O.­T.­ Quartet – Hold That Sucker Down (melodie)
Donny &­ Katharsys - Wraith (Forbidden Society Remix)
--> The Big Lebowski („Shut the fuck up, Donny! V.­I.­ Lennon : Vladimir Iljitsj Oeljanov“)
Dj Bike – Still
--> Snoop Dogg &­ Dr.­ Dre – Still Dre
Dj Bike – Right Back
--> Snoop Dogg &­ Dr.­ Dre – Still Dre

Firebrick – The World
--> Nas &­ Laurynn Hill – If I Ruled The World

The Wishmaster – Respect
--> Eminem – The Way I Am
Dj Jago – Out Of Mind
--> Grooveyard – Mary Go Wild
X-Tractors – Rotterdam Amsterdam
-->Da Hool – Meet Her At The Love Parade
Dj Mantes – Hit Began In Space Afrika
-->The Prodigy – Outta Space
DM Style – Welcome To The Future
--> Pin Occhio – Tu Tatuta Tuta Tu
-->Trans-X – Living On Video
Das Modul – Computerliebe
--> Paso Doble – Computerliebe (Die Module Spielen Verrückt)

Proto X – More Than Life
--> Green Street Hooligans („The G.­S.­E.­ is done!“)

50% of The Dreamteam – Bullshit
--> Das Duell – Strange Invaders (Remix)
--> Cartouche – Feel The Groove
--> Code Red – Dreamer Dream („ahaaah“)

Donny &­ Sinister Souls – Kill The Right People
--> The Walking Dead – Season 8 Episode 5 (Neghan)

Promo – Counter Attack
--> Ride (Snoop Dogg)

Smyla – Penetrator
--> Tukan – Light A Rainbow

Killswitch – My Friend
--> Nirvana – Rape Me

OTM – Alt F4
OTM – Haste
OTM – Lost
OTM – Quad Damage
OTM – Regeneration
--> Quake III Arena / Quake 3 Arena
Toch jammer om te zien dat deze lijst nooit meer geupdate of aangevuld wordt.­ 10 jaar geleden toch een hoop tijd en energie in gestoken om alle samples en vocals te achterhalen..­mooie tijden.­