Okay, some of you know that I posted somethign here a while ago looking for a room mate for my apartment since I didn't want to move out when my ex. boyfriend moved out.
And I found myself a room mate, a great girl, really, it couldn't be better! She's not a PF:er but anyways..! ;-) So, she moved in her stuff during last week and this friday she started to sleep in the apartment, we had kind of a moving in party, really much fun! And we were both so glad that it worked out so well.
Saturday I call my landlord because the hot water doesn't work. He comes by, and there's mail for him in the hall. He opens an envelope, and guess what? The apartment that I live in is beeing sold, because he found a larger apartment to trade it with, and I have to move out before july 6:th! :cry: :cry: :cry:
So, I had to tell her, the day after she moved in that she's got to move out again, and so do I...
Does anybody has a room large enough for me & my 2 persons bed to rent? Or does anybody maybe have an apartment for 2 people (me & my roomie)? I work full time so I am out most of the time anyways, and she studies & works so she's also a busy girl..!

This is an EMERGENCY!
Hmm sorry that I spelled emergency wrong in the topic... I am just so stressed out about it all... :-(
I'm real sorry i can't help you!! It sucks pretty bad that you have to move out!! Look in the local newspapers for an appartement and maybe that will help you!!

I live in the east of Holland and i already know that you don't want to move here because it is far away from the big cities and of course the parties.

I wish you luck finding a new appartement for you and your roommate!!

If you live there legally he can't kick you out.­You've signed a contract for that appartment and the new owner has to let you live there because when he buys the house he buys the contract.­ that's the law.­ So stay where you are.­ Otherwise take a lawyer.­ You can't loose
2 Partyhardy: Well, the contract I have is that anyone can break the contract with 1 months notice, and the 6:th of june he came by "my" apartment to tell me that maybe he found a larger apartment and than the one I stay in has to go, but since he said "maybe" then I thought kind of "what the fuck"... Shouldn't have done that, should I...? :-(
So, that's why I have to 6:th of July. But this sucks.
then i wish you succes with you're search for a new appartement.­
maybe you can ask if you can join him in his new appartement.­ Problem solved.­
Succes (how much do you wanna spent for a appartement)
I would like to stay living together with Corine ( my roomie), and the max we can do together is 1000 total per month, so 500 each.
But if it's 200 total I don't mind ;-) I just can't do more than 500 because then I will have too many "Eat water & bread& watch tv"-days.
And I don't really mind not to live in the center of Amsterdam but she does... and also it's so short time... So we have decided that if one of us finds something that's good for that person, just to take that.
I'm really stressed about it, I don't feel really good :-(
He should let you know, by written statement, that, you have to move out.­ As long as you don't have a written letter saying you have togo, you can stayt.­ Because now it's your word against his.­
It is not my word against his, it's just that he came to me the 6:th of june saying that he found an apartment that he liked but that no papers were signed but maybe I had to move out if it would work out.
And it did work out, so now I have to move out and my room mate that just moved in also have to move out. And that she has to move out too is my fault because I could have chose not to bring her in, since my land lord told me that he found another place that he liked and that maybe he would exchange the apartment I live in now for that other one.
I shouldn't have been optimistic :-(
But thit i write a letter where he tell's you that you have to move out?
I shall see if some friends of me know something.­
At least suc6 with looking for a appartement.­
He Ida, je kan Rudy vragen offie nog ruimte over heeft?? Maar verder zou ik het echt niet weten.­ Je moet overal zo'n beetje 2 jaar al ingeschreven zijn! Maar succes in ieder geval.­ Ik zal voor je rondkijken en vragen!
Ow ja, hou de kranten goed in de gaten he!!
Anja, thanks :-) Yeah I hope it will be okay .... I am looking like a maniac, I was busy with looking in viavia & direct wonen for 1,5 hours when I came in to work. Well, I just have to see...
hi hon. the only short term solution i can offer, is that you should subrent or something. its not everything, but its temp. until you find something more suitable:)

and my inbox is allways free for tears:)

Yeah but of course I have to subrent, if I can find something that I don't have to subrent that would be a miracle, but even subrenting is hard to get if you don't want to pay like 600 euros per person/month.­
Blijf gewoon waar je zit. Als je een huurcontract hebt dan mag 'ie je er niet zomaar uitzetten. Verklaringen over opzeggen van de huur van zijn kant zijn vaak niet rechtsgeldig. Hij is verplicht je nieuwe woonruimte en verhuiskosten van ongeveer 4000 euro te geven.
En zoals Marijn zegt; hij is verplicht een brief te sturen met daarin de opzegging, hij moet ook kunnen aantonen dat die brief bij jou terecht is gekomen, dus dat moet ook een aangetekende brief zijn. :-)

Maar in elk geval succes ermee!
klinkt aannemelijk sneeuwwitje, ik hoop voor ida dat je gelijk hebt:)
Ben zelf ook een keer bijna op straat gezet door m'n huurbaas. Toen heb ik alles ff uitgezocht met hulp van de rechtswinkel (daar kan je ook nog heen voor gratis advies). Wij hadden een heel gaar contractje waar ook van alles in stond over opzegging, maar het was een rechtsgeldig contract. De huurder bescherming gaat heel ver in Nederland, gelukkig. :-)
Whow 4000 euros is a lot of money.... But luckily (maybe it is too ealy to say this..Well, you guys will notice anyways ;-) it seems to clear up. Today my roomie Corine is gonna have a look at somethign for 3 persons on Jan van Gaalenstraat, and in that case it will be 400 euros per person per month, and that's doable. Otherwise, I can take a room in a collegues apartment from the end of the month. So the knife is not gnawing on my throat anymore... :$