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Aanvang: 22.30h - 04.00h
Entree: 10 euro (8 euro presale)
Miss Yetti, Equate & Funky Jo

Perron55, Venlo.

Ga naar en win kaartjes!

A new year and a new series of Sonic Planet parties in Perron 55. We kick
it off with a very special and international well known DJ: Miss Yetti !

Miss Yetti started her DJ career in the early 90's in Cologne (Germany), where she lived and studied for the diploma of psychology. Inspired by the clubbing vibes and the love for house music she started to buy records and picked up the art of mixing. Soon after a first impressive set at the "Orion Rave" in Bottrop, she became a lot more bookings and eventually acquired an own residency in the UFO club in Cologne.

Over the following years, clubs, events and festivals she played at include: the Loveparade, Tresor, Mayday, Union Fest (Mexico City), Love me (Detroit) and many many more...

Ofcourse, the evening is hosted by Sonic Planet resident DJ's Equate & Funky Jo. Accompanying visuals are mixed and performed by Team Stiihl.
laatste aanpassing
Als je nog interesse hebt in die kaartjes moet je snel zijn :yes:
F*ck...Miss Yetti is wel strak!!!!!

maarja...ben in roosje..:respect: SURGEON :respect:
Surgeon is ook helemaal te gek ja... maar láng niet zo lekker als Yetti :kwijl:
EINDELIJK miss yetti :D:D:D:D
weer een beetje jammer dat t in Venlo is :S :S
Dat is inderdaad niet voor iedereen even centraal...

Dat wil je niet missen :kwijl: