;D Ben weer eens bezig... ;D

Artiest Jakuza
From the street to my game, twenty bound reasons for my name, I know it don't sound fair, but I'm your worst nightmare, you don't know what I bring, in this field I rule as King, fists clenched, don't drop no single sweat, you're too simple to battle, pussy drippin wet, fear cropping up inside, my aim is perfect, simply way too complex, superproverbial effects, physically, mentally, you don't believe ?

Time to drop dead, place the wrong bet, I'm too complex to comprehend, eyes scrambling to make amends, physically, mentally, don't you try to be, don't try to copy me.

<<Komt nog meer>> ;D
OHoooooo........... jij copy'd :P
Whahaha, what's up u'r sleeve now?!?!?!
Uh ? Ik copy ?
Tjeez je poesie helemaal nat ja? ;)

Tha tribe iz commin on massive so U'd better understand. Mr. J comprahends, that i'm donig the do, since I was born. No form Bring on the dust storm. And when the storm iz commin on, U'r eyesight iz blurred and gone. So u'd better listen 'cauze.... Funky vibez spread on global sounds, unbound, Pronounce let's space on 2 higergrounds. And take it eazy, let's glide on the rythem, not forbidden like the fruit hangin in the sangrila. When Adam and Eve where doing the Ohlala, Boohja. When the snake is passin by, let him smoke and get high. So we all can stay in the Sangrila way........ :P