In the bar @ TD

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I have to say that after yesterday-afternoons failing to get me a TD ticket- (I noticed that EVERYONE was going to Thunderdome, but me!)-everything got a good ending! Thanks to da_renzo! He arranged so that I could work with him in the bar and I must say it was really nice nice to stand there I heard the music really good and so :-) Thanks to the PFers that came by to say hellotjes to me & Renzo :-)

And even though it was so busy that I didn't go out of the bar the whole night I still "Hakkuh" (wahaha how do you say that in English? Hacked?) :-D :-D Yeah I Hacked more behind the bar then many did on the dance floor. I even Hacked myself into some collegues while they were carrying drinks...but ok... ;-)
Dat is wel tof om te horen dat je je toch nog hebt vermaakt! In welke zaal stond je achter de bar?
Lol, hacking Missl ;)
So how is it on the other side of the bar, I mean its alot different than when you're partying yourself. But I think u still had a great time, nice collegues aswell I gues? Could u get along with Renzo ;P whehe (hmm did I spell the word collegues right.. )
Ja, eh..­dat wou ik net vragen~!

In what bar were you working? In the VIP or in the mainhalls?? I've seen one girl behind a stand in the 97-02 Hall going BZRK!! She was really going into it.­ That was you?????!!!!!!
2 Gold: I really did :-D But I am sooo tired today feels just like if I have been on the dancefloor in my legs! Probably because I am used to sitting down (office job) during the weeks. But it was really cool, to see everything from the start and when it filled up with people, till it was super crowded and all bold heads standing with their hands up in the air :-) And oh yeah, I was in the Oldschool hall.

2 Dance Addict: Yeah they were ok but they didn't dance as much as I did.... Hehe danced so I had beer stains from the floor up to my knees or so :-) And Renzo and I got along just fine :-D But it was so busy!

2 Danielito: Guilty as charged :-D
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Idaaaaa bedankt! Idaaaaa bedankt! :P
MissI> Dan heb je mazzel gehad, want in die zaal was het (vond ik dan) verreweg het leukst!
IDAAAAAAAAAAAA :bounce: behind the bar :D
To Ray: You are welcome.­ Nice to see some familular faces I think!

Gold: Yeah well, some things I didn't think sounded that great but it is all a matter of taste I guess.­ Around 1 o'clock it was really great!
Hehe, Ida was kewl!!!!!

But next time buy tickets early! I remember last night when you only had a few minuts at the Internet-café (the one at Rembrandtsplein in Amsterdam ;-) ??) and you still didn't have a ticket...
1 o'clock --> Gizmo & The Darkraver, the best two sets of the whole party!!! Vier, drei, zwo, eins...ACHTUNG ACHTUNG ACHTUNG ACHTUNG ACHTUNG ACHTUNG ACHTUNG ACHTUNG ACHTUNG ACHTUNG ACHTUNG ACHTUNG ACHTUNG !!! :D
To Danielito: Yeah yeah yeah....gna gna gna... I know I know. But now everything got a good ending and everybody's happy and got cheap drinks ;-) Served by me going "BZRK" not everyday you can have that, he'? ;-)
MissI> Yeah indeed, but I also meant the atmosphere...­ it was better in that hall I think.­ It must have been nice for you to see a real 'gabberparty' like it was years ago here in Holland!
Gold--> It was fun! And most fun when it wasn't super busy and I could dance around myself! Or when people came to say hello :-) But, still I was behind the bar the whole night, so the atmosphere thing that you're decribing, well that I missed a little. Though, from the smiles on peoples faces it seemed like most of them had a good time! And also cool that the age difference in the hall where Renzo and I worked was so large!

2 Danielito: Whats "BZRK" exactly??
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Ida thanx you for the quick helping for getting the drinks :D
I'll answer the Danielito question for you :) BZRK is short for 'berzerk' (which means going crazy). And BZRK is also a dutch gabber recordlabel owned by DJ Buzz Fuzz.
A hackin Knäckebröd! ;) :D
Jah zonde dat ik je gemist heb Ida...:(
Yeah I think so too. I was hoping to see you but helaas... Well, till Xqlusive... (k)
Hakken =­ To chop.­
Oftewel Choppen!!!!!!!!!
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I chop
You chop
He chops
We chop
Let's go CHOPPING!

Chopping and sawing

:D :D :D
topic 5
2 Gold--> bedankt voor de aanvulling :D !!
2 Miss Knäckebröd--> Gold already answered the question :-)

I like to chop all night long!!!

Oh, I found no topic before about working in the bar at TD? :-) ;-)

well anyways, I have only a few minutes left here at the I-net cafe so I will be able to write back in a few days or so... So annoying that they blocked me from PF my work :(
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:'( ok talk to u soon again!
God dag!! C U Soon!!
great F*cking party :D
damn I WANT MORE!!!!!!!!!!! :D

hardcore addiction 4 life :P
Tnx sweetie :D You were the best ;)
but it is a useless topic about TD my dear. nothing personal, just checking it for my little game i started:)
ida was goed bezig daaro :)
en bleef ook gewoon lachen de hele avond :)

was nice to see you there!!(K)
Thx to Renzo and Ida!!
Hehe was wel lache ja.. Kom ik heel enthousiast naar Renzo, flikker ik haast op me bek omdat er zo'n klein kut verhoginkje stond voor de bar :S

Maar was leuk, ook al heb ik ze maar 1x gezien-.
Ik heb ook achter de bar gestaan in de new-style zaal en het was wel te doen allen moest je verPLICHT OORDOPPEN in !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

AL die mensen vroegen , waarom heb jij IN GODSNAAM OORDOPPEN IN??????

Tja, verder was het heeel goed te doen!Er werd erg goed gedraaid.­[img][/img]

Wel vermoeiend,dat wel. Ik heb heerlijk geslapen toen ik thuis was!
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Whiskygirl bedankt!!!!

Godvergete wat was ik dronken op een gegeven moment, echt niet meer normaal.­
i was very suprised to see you there :)

The earplugs were uncomfortable so most of the evening I had them out and put my hair in the way so that the surveilance-men wouldn't see :-) *sneaky me!*