Madretto - Rotterdam

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our first big new media festival called Madrettor
Madrettor, is based in rotterdam and will take place from the 1st until the 5th of October 2002. The aim of Madrettor is to offer an inside in the world of well-known international new media artists and designers. :: To achive this, lectures, workshops and discussion sessions will be organised during this festival. The more informal programme will contain performances, installations, exhibitions and music :: Important goal for the festival is to initiate new projects involving a mixture of artists and designers from different disciplines to establish a progressive environment within Madrettor projects
:: The festival will be open to everyone interested in new media. Presentations and workshops will be held in English.

kent iemand dit, of is hier eerder geweest?
ik oowk nog niet .. :S
Summy> Word gehouden in 3 verschillende locaties: off-corso, locus 010 en de laurenskerk die alle 3 in de binnenstad van Rotterdam zitten ... maar of het wat is??? Moes je gaan laat het ff weten ;-) Je kan het misschien combineren met Hardbass, overdags daarheen en 's avonds naar Tropicana :-p
laatste aanpassing