wie o wie

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wie heeft er al eens van schranz gehoord???
ehhhhh....­wie niet lijkt me!

Da's toch al jaren bekend?
Ja, das ehh, oud :D
ja wie niet het is al lang geleden bekend geworden :d
De heer Liebing heeft die term verzonnen schijnbaar... wel grappig, op Nature 1 al die Duitsers met 'Schranz' in grote letters achterop hun auto :)
Werkzaam bij Partyflock
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nogal oud..­ duitsers zeuren er alleen maar om..­ maar schranz =­ liebing..­ niks anders..­ ook al draai je schranz dan vragen ze nog wanneer je schranz draait..­ vaag volkje
Ik heb ook Schranz cd van Melina di Tria

En die is ook snoeihard
Ik heb het niet alleen gehoord, ik heb het ook meegemaakt (met Chris Liebing in de kelder van Tresor).­

Hieronder het "­schranzstatement"­ van Liebing:

Since there has been a lot of talk about the word "­Schranz"­ lately, I wanted to post my very own statement about it and not one,which is written by people who don`t really know.­

Yes, it is true, together with a friend I came up with the word "­Schranz"­ in a Recordstore in Frankfurt in the year 1994.­ Not true is, that I am now annoyed by the term, I am only annoyed by all the discussions which come up about it, especially here in Germany.­

Everyone who uses the word "­Schranz"­ to describe her or his musical taste or even way of living, shall do so and I think that is completely o.­k..­

Basically I like to call what I spin and produce "­Techno"­ and in general "­electronic Music".­

For me personally, since that day in 1994, "­Schranz"­ is a description for various dark and distorted sounds in Techno.­ At that point I couldn`t come up with a better word, but of course then I also didn`t know, that one day it would become so popular.­ I don`t want to and I can`t tell anyone how and where to use the word and in what respect.­ Thatīs CLAU 04 was called :"­Call it what you want..."­

So be tolerant, make up your own mind about it and don`t believe everything which is written in magazines.­ Thanks for coming by my site (www.­cl-rec.­com).­

Chris Liebing, April 2002