wat is jullie favorite hardcore nummer??

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ik wil wat hardcore nummers downloaden maar weet niks meer kunnen jullie me helpen??? alvast bedankt..­
Welke style oude hardcore of echt de new style hardcore.­

Ieder geval hier een paar:

Rave Creator - Atmos-fear
Turbulence 'N Terrorist - 6 million ways to die

Nummers van:

Armagedon project
Evil Activities
Dione ook wel E-noid
The Masochist
Bass D &­ King Matthew
Rotterdam Terror corps of RTC
Korsakoff -- Tamara.

Maar daar zullen wel geen ruk aan vinden :P
het maakt niet uit wat voor hardcore style desnoods terror of zo oldstyle het maakt niet uit als het maar gewoon een flinke beuk nummer is...­
buzz fuzz - frequencies (voor de herinnering aan een hellbound die ik er bij heb)
oow oldstyle dus:

1 3 Phase featuring: Dr.­ Motte A Der Klang Der Familie Transmat Classics MS-17
B Spacegenerator
2 80 Aum A Mindcontroller (No Sense Version one) 80 Aum Records Aum 1212
B Mindcontroller (No Sense Version two)
3 A Homeboy, A Hippie &­ A Funki Dredd A Total Confusion (Confusion Mix) Tam Tam Records TTT 031
B1 Total Confusion (Heavenly Mix)
B2 Total Confusion (Reprise)
4 Armando A Land of Confusion ‘96 White Label FEAR 023
AA 100 % of Diss’in You ‘96
5 Bass Boy A1 Let The Bass Be Louder (in control techno mix 909) Midtown Records MID 91125
A2 Let The Bass Be Louder (in control techno mix 303)
B1 Let The Bass Be Louder (stumpin’ bass mix)
B2 Let The Bass Be Louder (radio version)
6 Bazz A1 House Of Pax (J.­F.­ Mix) Diki Records 48.­12.­22
A2 House Of Pax (Sanchid Mix)
B1 House Of Pax (Manu Mix)
B2 House Of Pax (R.­S.­ Mix)
7 Cubic 22 A Night In Motion Big Time International BTI 0191-7
B In-Depth Creation
8 The Darkraver &­ DJ Vince A Thunderground (With DJ Vince) Baby Boom Records BABY 023
B Tunnel
9 Dream Your Dream III A Mayday Dream Bonzai Records BR 94051
B It’s A Dream Song
10 Digital Boy “Back To The Past” Vol.­ 1 A1 Kokko Italian Steel ITS 003
A2 OK Alright!
B1 Kokko (DJ Rob Remix)
B2 OK Alright! (Digital Boy’96 Remix)
11 Digital Boy “Back To The Past” Vol.­ 2 A1 This Is Mutha Fuker (Censored Mix) Italian Steel ITS 005
A2 Gimme A Fat Beat
11 Digital Boy “Back To The Past” Vol.­ 2 B1 This Is Mutha Fuker (Stunned Guys Remix) Italian Steel ITS 005
B2 Gimme A Fat Beat (Placid K Remix)
12 The Masochist &­ Digital Boy A1 Shout Out (original Mix) D-Boy Black Label DB 095
A2 Shout Out (Accappella)
B1 Just Do It (DJ Promo RMX)
B2 Oldcore
13 D-Mob A We Call It Acieed (The “Matey” Mix) FFRR 886 375-1
B1 We Call It Acieed (The “Matey” Instrumental)
B2 We Call It Acieed (The “Matey” Beats)
14 Devilfish A Man Alive (Past) Bush Records Bush 1089
B Formation (Present)
15 DHS A1 The House Of God (DJ Isaac Remix) Digi White DIGI 039-12
A2 The House Of God (Collusion Mix)
B1 The House Of God (Holy Noise Remix)
B2 The House Of God (Original Italian Remix)
16 Dominium A1 Let Your Mind (Original) Plain House V-PLAIN006
A2 Let Your Mind (Focus on Focus Remix)
B1 Let Your Mind (DJ Zicem Remix)
B2 Let Your Mind (H.­H.­S.­ Future Remix)
17 Dr.­ Macabre A Voodoo Nightmare Power Plant POW.­ 003
B Poltergeist
18 Edge Of Motion A1 Djax Up Beats Djax-Up-135
B1 Set Up 707
19 Frankie Bones A1 My House Is Your House (Tanith Remix) BASH Again! Records BASH 004/2
B2 My House Is Your House (DR.­ Motte Remix)
20 French Connection A1 French Connection (Core Mix) Super Special SS-19
A2 French Connection (Original Mix)
B1 French Connection (Pimpy-Pussycheck Mix
B2 French Connection (Psychotronic Mix)
21 G-Town Madness A1 Put Your Hands Up Dwarf Records DWARF 045
A2 Eternal Energy Flow
B1 Boomin’ Up The System
B2 Silence
22 Human Resource A Dominator 80 Aum Aum 1012
B1 Misomega
B2 House Feelings
23 The History of Techno 2 x 12” A1 C’Hantal – The Realm (Acapella) Big Time International BTI 961104
A2 Ghetto Brothers – Bass Manoeuvers
A3 Private Productions – Looped
B1 Phantasia – Violet Skies (Acapella)
B2 Problem House Vol.­ 1 – Take Me There
B3 Ecstacy Club – Jesus Loves The Acid (Acid Chant)
C1 Basic Bastard – Moments In Measures
C2 Indo Tribe – Owl
C3 Quyraz – Rapture (Underground Goodie Mix)
D1 Fire on High – Float in a dream of EX-TC
D2 Space Trax – Bounce (Original Mix)
D3 Terry Hunter – Madness (Armando’s House Mix)
24 Holy Noise A1 The Nightmare (Power Mix) Rotterdam Records ROT 015
A2 The Nightmare (The Dream)
B1 The Nightmare (Let me hear you scream)
B2 The Nightmare (Single Edit)
25 MC Hughie Babe A1 Unarmed And Dangerous (DJ Rob &­ Tim B Rap Edit) Noculan Records NOC 012
A2 Unarmed And Dangerous (Rob &­ Tim Rapless Edit)
25 MC Hughie Babe B1 Unarmed And Dangerous (Gizmo Remix) Noculan Records NOC 012
B2 Unarmed And Dangerous (Original Edit)
26 Interactive A1 Who is Elvis? (Radio Rave ’95 Mix) European Rave Records ERR.­ 9501-5
A2 Who is Elvis? (Jailhouse Mix)
A3 Who is Elvis? (Happy Hardcore Mix)
B1 Who is Elvis? (T.­N.­T.­ Mix)
B2 Who is Elvis? (The King’s Come Back Remix)
27 DJ Isaac A1 Face Down, Ass Up Baby Boom Special BBS 005
A2 Face Down, Ass Up (Beatless)
A3 Irritation
B1 Hardcore 2000
B2 Super DJ
B3 Super DJ (Tekno Warrior Remix)
28 Jones &­ Stephenson A1 The First Rebirth (Original Mix) Prolekult KULT 005
A2 The First Rebirth (The Noom Remix)
B1 The First Rebirth (Red Jerry Remix)
B2 The First Rebirth (Baby Doc &­ The Dentist Remix)
29 L.­A.­ Style A James Brown Is Dead Decadance Records DEC 9005
B James Brown Is Dead
30 Mainx A1 88 To Piano Hithouse Records HIT 6.­014
A2 Liz Goes House
B1 Hit Your Bleep
B2 Rain In Hell
31 Leroy A1 Are You Down? Brainstorm BRA 005
A2 Feel This
Maurizio Braccagni AA1 Bass Solution
AA2 Mosquito
32 Max E-Crew A1 Drop The Oldschool Beat Iatlian Steel ITS 009
A2 No Way 2nd mix
32 Max E-Crew B No Way 1st mix Iatlian Steel ITS 009
33 Mike Dunn A Magic Feet (Edge Of Motion Mixx) Djax Up Beats Djax Up 149
B1 Magic Feet (Terrace Mixx)
B2 Magic Feet (Like a Tim Mixx)
34 Moby 2 x 12” A Go Remix ??? Rough Mix RTD 199
B1 Go Remix ???
B2 Go Remix ???
C Go Remix ???
D1 Go Remix ???
D2 Go Remix ???
35 Most Wanted A1 Bim Bam – Beeper (Ace The Space Afro Mix) Dance Ecstacy DE 2050
A2 Human Resource – Dominator (Reactivated by Steve Shit)
B1 Stereo Murder – Don’t Touch That Stereo (Rave Creators De 2001 Remix)
B2 Inferno Bros.­ – Slave To The Raves (First Rave Age Rough Mix)
36 Old School E.­P.­ A ??? White Label White 006
B1 ???
B2 ???
37 Opposing Forces A1 DJ Rob &­ Tim B – Anti Fucking Anti Coolman Records CM 017
A2 Dennis M – The Forces
B1 Dennis M – Music For The Future
B2 Naked Steal – Vive La France
38 DJPC A1 Inssomniak (Lagoa Extreme Mix) Hype Records 12 PUMR 005
A2 Inssomniak (Nuclear DJPC)
B1 Inssomniak (Bassline Trax Mix)
B2 Inssomniak (Dub Version)
39 Phenomania A Who Is Elvis? European Techno Community ETC 721
39 Phenomania B Floor Burn European Techno Community ETC 721
40 Pilldriver A Apocalypse Never Col Rush Records LOST 10
Tilt! B Hell – E – Copter
41 Plastikman A Spastik Novamute 12 NoMu 28
B1 Helicopter
B2 Gak (Remix)
42 Plexus A1 Cactus Rhythm (mixed by Dr.­ Phibes) DIKI Records 48.­12.­24
A2 Cactus Rhythm (mixed by JF)
B1 Cactus Rhythm (mixed by Manu)
B2 Cactus Rhythm (mixed by Airs)
B3 Cactus Rhythm (mixed by Mike Ferlin)
43 Prodigy A No Good (start the dance) original mix XL Recordings XLT 51
B1 No Good (start the dance) bad for you mix
B2 No Good (start the dance) CJ Bollands museum mix
44 Quadrophonia A1 Quadrophonia (Remix) Streetbeats SB 5.­005-9
A2 Quadrophonia (Original Remix)
B1 The Man With The Masterplan
B2 Quadrophonia (Remix Instrumental)
B3 The Man With The Masterplan (Instrumental)
45 Ramirez A Orgasmico (RMX by Ricci D.­J.­) DFC DFC 112
AA La Nova Sinfonia (Ricci D.­J.­ DFC Team Mix)
46 Ramirez A Terapia (D.­J.­ Ricci Mix) Music Man MMI 9377
B1 1 Minuto Para Evacuar
B2 Terapia (D.­J.­ Ricci Rave Mix)
47 the mover &­ RAVE CREATOR A Astral Demons 94 (Cold Planet Remix) Cold Rush Records LOST 7
B1 Atmos-Fear
B2 O.­K.­ Bassquake
48 Rave Creator (A New Mind Remixes Part 2) A Cold Rush phuture mix by the R-Creator’s Cold Crush City Crew Dance Ecstacy DE 2037
48 Rave Creator (A New Mind Remixes Part 2) B1 Riccione Summer Mind-Mellow Mix 1.­ Bellini Bros.­ Dance Ecstacy DE 2037
B2 UndergroundtechnotranceteCniCs remix by the Mover
49 Retro Arena Vinyl One A1 Robert Armani – Hit Hard Lightning Records LR 2001-013
A2 DJ Bountyhunter – Woops
B1 DJ Looney Tune – Jumpin’ E Pumpin’
B2 Thunderball – Bonzai Channel One
50 Retro Arena Vinyl Three A1 Tyrome – Electric Voodoo Lightning Records LR 2001-015
A2 Aqua Contact – La Sirena
B1 Dream Your Dream – Soushkin
B2 Yves De Ruyter – The Rebel
51 Retro Arena Vinyl Five A1 Commander Tom – Are Am Eye? Lightning Records LR 2001-018
A2 Blue Alphabet – Cybertrance
B1 DJ Looney Tune – Beatbox (Acied Mix)
B2 Interactive – Dildo (Interacitve Mix)
52 Real Retro Classix EP 2 A1 Vicious Delicious – Hocus Pocus Mostiko 23 201236
A2 Ramirez – El Gallinero
A3 Swat – The Fly is Dead (Public Domain Remix)
B1 Krid Snero – White Line (original)
B2 Marshall Masters – I Like It Loud (original)
53 DJ Rob featuring MC Joe A1 The beat is flown Rotterdam Records ROT 023
A2 The beat is alive
B1 Boy’s Interface (Dj Rob’s Interface)
B2 Boy’s Interface (Dj Paul’s Interface)
B3 Boy’s Interface (Rotterdam Mix)
54 Robert Armani A1 Ambulance Two (Bonus Beat) ACV Records ACV 1006
A2 Ambulance Two (Remix II)
A3 Time Warp (Rave Remix)
B1 Ambulance Two (Remix)
54 Robert Armani B2 Ambulance Two (Rave Mix) ACV Records ACV 1006
B3 Time Warp (Rave Mix)
55 DJ Rob’s “Old School Classics” Limited Edition Volume 1 A1 Moka – Start This Records Rotterdam Records RC001
A2 Krid Snero – White Line
B1 Mainx – 88 To Piano
B2 Ultimate Seduction – Nightmare Walking
56 DJ Rob’s “Old School Classics” Limited Edition Volume 2 A1 DJ Rob – Boy’s Interface Rotterdam Records RC004
A2 J’N’J – The Ballet
B1 Laison D.­ – Por La Patria
B2 Deyewitness – What Would You Hear
57 Bald Terror A1 Drummachine (Dj Paul Remix) Rotterdam Records RC002
A2 Drummachine (Neophyte Remix)
A3 Drummachine (Original Remix)
B1 Rotterdam (Darrien Kelly Remix)
B2 Rotterdam (Original Mix)
58 Rode Schoentjes A Rode Schoentjes Basic Beat BASIC 201-5
B Rode Schoentjes
59 Rotterdam Termination Source A1 Poing Rotterdam Records ROT 004
A2 Bonus Poing
B1 Rough Justice
B2 Feyenoord
A1 Can You Party (12” mix) Torso Records TORSO 12084
A2 Can You Party (Radio Edit)
B1 Party People
B2 Can You Party (Studio 54 Mix)
60 Serious Beats 25th Anniversary EP Vinyl 1 A1 Age Of Love – Age Of Love (Watch out for the Stella Club mix) Serious Beats S 414 16 500 302
A2 La Musika Tremenda (original)
60 Serious Beats 25th Anniversary EP Vinyl 1 B Moby – Go (Woodtick Mix) Serious Beats S 414 16 500 302
61 Serious Beats 25th Anniversary EP Vinyl 5 A1 B-Sides – The Tape (remix) Serious Beats S 414 16 500 306
A2 Modular Expansion – Cubes
B1 World Party II – Forget It
B2 T99 – Anasthasia
62 Serious Beats 25th Anniversary EP Vinyl 6 A1 Carat Trax II by Zolex – The Message Serious Beats S 414 16 500 307
A2 Praga Khan feat.­ Jade 4 U – Injected With A Poison
B1 Insider – Destiny (wild mix)
B2 Two Pieces – Magic Bells (Final Mix)
63 Serious Beats 25th Anniversary EP Vinyl 7 A1 Ecstacy Club – Jesus Loves The Acid (Acid Chant) Serious Beats S 414 16 500 308
A2 Public Energy – Three ‘O Three
B1 Second Phase – Mentasm
B2 Meng Syndicate – Sonar System (Aw Aw)
64 Set Up System A1 Fairy Dust (Blastomania mix) XL Recordings XLT-22
A2 Fairy Dust (Centripetal mix)
A3 Music And Noise (original mix)
B1 Fairy Dust (Frank de Wulf’s Bells Remix)
B2 Fairy Dust (Frank de Wulf’s Saga Remix)
65 Speedy J A1 Something For Your Mind (Speedy J Remix) Music Man MMI 9308
A2 Something For Your Mind (Radio) (Speedy J Remix)
B1 Something For Your Mind (Exposure Remix)
B2 Something For Your Mind (Radio) (Exposure Remix)
66 Thunderball A It’s Your DJ Bonzai Jumps Italy BJI 004
B1 Tracid
B2 Zero – One
67 Traikos Trax Vol 1 A1 Gimme A Mother …in’ Music Man MMI 9095
67 Traikos Trax Vol 1 A2 ??? Music Man MMI 9095
B1 Save The Planet (Daybreak Mix)
B2 Save The Planet (Twilight Mix)
68 The Ultimate Seduction A1 The Ultimate Seduction (The Shrink Remix) Blue White BLW 013
A2 The Ultimate Seduction (Original Mix)
B1 The Ultimate Seduction (DJ Patrick’s Club Remix)
B2 The Ultimate Seduction (DJ Patrick’s Bubbling Mix)
69 DJ Valium EP 3 and ˝ tracks A1 I Forgot Two Colors (Gothic mix) X Stream (DIKI) X Stream 016
A2 I Forgot Two Colors (Yellow Wind mix)
B1 V-Flowers in Peru
B2 Red Inca
70 Wanted Records III A1 Phenomania – Phenothememia Wanted Records WR 003
A2 Noyz – Ave Maria
A3 Smart E’s – Sesame’s Treet
A4 Electroset – How Does It Feel
B1 Phenomania – Back To Burn
B2 Game Boy – Tetris (101 Version)
B3 Game Boy – Tetris (202 Version)
B4 Joe Inferno – Tribal Church
71 Danger Hardcore Team A1 Alone Danger Hardcore Tracks DHT 7001
A2 “69”
B1 Jumpin’ Time
B2 Nobody ?!
laatste aanpassing
FF laatst mn oldskool plaatjes in mn pc gezet hehehehe, en er zijn er al weer aardig wat op weg naar me toe