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Ik doe sinds een tijdje mee met dasspiel dat in een webbased online spel gemaakt door een vriend van een collega van mij.­ Hij had gevraagt of ik hier effe een berichtje wou achterlaten om wat meer spelers te krijgen, er doen nu ietz van 120 mensen mee, internationaal.­ Voor degenen die het iets lijkt www.­dasspiel-dasspiel.­com er staan op de eerste pagina een info/uitleg van het spel waardoor je een redelijk goed beeld krijgt van hoe het spel in elkaar zit en hoe het werkt.­ Als je er eenmaal een beetje inzit is het een leuk spel......­

greetz dacorpz
kun je hier geen korte uitleg geven? is het zoiets als www.­hattrick.­org, www.­imperialconflict.­com of www.­footiemanager.­com
The Golthra are a parasitic race who travel from one planet to another.­ Before the Earth existed the Golthra lived on a planet at the other side of the galaxy, named Palith.­ The Golthra ruined the planet palith.­ They exploited every raw material.­ Caused polution, plagues and virusses.­ Destablishing the ruling forces and causing massive riots.­ Once Palith was destroyed they searched for another planet to encounter and infiltrate by any means possible.­

They aimed for planet Earth.­

It was the Earth-year 2178 when the people saw a flash of light shooting through the sky.­ It was first seen above Europe and it traveled east.­ Some people thought it was a sign of god, some thought it was a asteroid.­ But it was actually the Golthra spaceship.­ Slowly the Golthra started to infiltrate the human race of that time.­ People were not aware that they were a target of parasites.­ So life went on as always.­ Around the year 2348 first enemy signs were slowly starting to appear, because rivers became polluted and people started starving.­ Later they found out this was all caused by the Golthra.­ Because of the danger of being discovered the Golthra started moving east to the part of Europe where Poland lies at this time.­

At around 2600 Plagues were turning up wherever the Golthra went.­ And still they were moving east, entering Russian grounds.­ The Russians had already seen the danger of these people and tried everything they could to make sure that they wouldn't ruin their society.­ Because of the excellent ability to infiltrate through means of cheating, lying and abusing good hardworking people, they found it to be no problem getting into high places of the society.­ Around 1880 they had enough of Russia and they scattered over Europe like a plague of grasshoppers that are anxious to consume everything that crosses their path, They ended up in places as Poland, Germany, the Netherlands, Belgium, France and other European country's.­

They did anything for money.­ With that money they were trying to influence the normal people and ruin the human society.­ At around 2930 the Golthra infiltrated so deep that they controlled 20% of all the businesses in Europe.­ They stole the jobs of hardworking Humans.­ Something had to be done.­ But how could you do something about an enemy which was almost invisible.­ You could hardly see the difference between a Golthra and a human.­

In 2933 a professor saw a difference between the Golthra and the humans.­ The professor found out that the Golthra believed in a special religion named Golthraism.­ Through the ages they had started secret societies and pray places.­ Now they could be identified.­ Secret agents started infiltrating these societies.­ The deeper they infiltrated the more they found out about the nature of the Golthra and about the influence that they had on the human society.­ The Secret agents found evidence about the role that the Golthra had played in earlier wars and disasters.­ But the most disturbing thing was what they also found out.­ They found plans about creating global disasters.­ They where planning to create global financial crisis.­ The Golthra had planned an Armageddon, the end of life as we know it.­ It was obvious the XXX didn't plan on staying much longer, but they also didn't plan to leave our humble planet in peace.­ They where also not afraid of using weapons.­ The Special agents found great amounts of arms in the praying places of the Golthra.­

It became clear that the nations of the civilized world would collapse under the oppressive weight of parasitic political conspiracy's witch will remove al the hope and optimism from the once faithful citizens.­ It was obvious that the end of time was near.­ At around 1939 the humans saw that they had to get rid off the Golthra any way possible.­ Something had to be done.­ All the great nations united, they would offer a price for every Golthra eliminated.­ This was the only way, the army's of the nations didn't have enough capacity to conduct this operation by itself.­

Because of the commercializing of this battle everyone started for their own.­ This lead to great fights between the citizens, everyone was stealing the Golthra from each other to earn some money.­ The government wasn't going to solve this problem because of the far greater problem, the Golthra.­ After a few years people started forming personal army's to fight the Golthra, and in a lot of cases each other.­

It will be your job to help the humans survive by finding and exterminating as much Golthra as possible.­

For every Golthra you eliminate you will get a fixed amount of money, though it's not this simple.­ You have 2 options: either you create a collecting base, or an eliminating base.­

If you have a collecting base you will need to collect the Golthra by sending out an army.­ However you cannot eliminate these Golthra, you will need to transport them to a destruction base.­ As a collecting base you don't get money for collecting Golthra.­ You will need to sell your Golthra to the elimination bases.­

If you have an eliminating base you will need to buy Golthra, you will receive a fixed price for every Golthra you eliminate

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ehh ja, begrijp er nog steeds geen donder van, is het een markt/aandelenspelletje? er zijn toch wel een bak met variablen hoop ik?
hmm klinkt alsof er te weinig variablen zijn, dan raad ik je toch bovenstaande spellen aan, ik doe aan allen mee:)