Brain left in Sweden

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Hello all, I am back..!

But it seems like I forgot my brain in Sweden somewhere....judging from how I've been doing, and WHAT I have been doing at work today :-S Any suggestions how to continue from this state of "after vacation"-dumb & slowness? And anybody else who have the same problem?
Just go out and party, it,s the best solution 8)
marry me, it's the best solution ;-)
Get back to sweden, get some more holiday :)
Or you can search fot my brains, I've left them somewhere at the Extrema-area, it's closer then Sweden and I don't need them anyway 'cause I'm still enjoying my holiday!
I can't take out more Holiday cause I am going to Nature One and so and after that I don't have much vacation days left :cry:

2 Wackiejacky: yeah, or, maybe we could switch brain, like, that they would just pop into the wrong owner... Wonder how that would be like :-S
dont they call that "jetlag" ? :P
Holliday makes us dumber... it's a fact...
But do you really care? nah ;)

You'll get your head back within, well I should say, 4 years... ;)
haha well, I could blame it on jet lag...but...there's no time difference from here to there. Or, there to here %)
ik wil ook naar zweden daar wonen de mooiste vrouwen van de heeele wereld!!!!!!!!