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Hey Party Flocker's, Happy New Year!

Just to let you all know about Kikaboni Booking Agency, a fresh, unique agency, able to cater for all your raving needs!

On the roster, we have the some of the best artists from genres including Breakcore, Jungle, Braindance, Drumfunk, Experimental, Greyfield, Techno, Electro, Ambient, Live Bands and even a Beatboxer!

Here is the roster in alphabetical order...

Akinsa // Autumn // BeatFox // Briain // dgoHn // FANU // FLOAT // Ghost // Hallion // Jungle Syndicate // Karsten Pflum // Lee Pennington // Mark Alexander // Neocortex // Pat Flanders // Prism House // Púca // Recue // Ruby My Dear° // Rognvald // Sleep Concert°°

° Excl. U.K
°° Excl. D.K

Our website is almost done & ready to go live, just waiting for the guys in the U.S to finish the final touches...

For now, you can check out our Facebook, for updates & release news here -

or here the sounds over on SoundCloud -

Will post the website link here once it's live, email can be found on the FB page!