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– ABYSS X (gr)
– LYZZA (nl)
– SXMBRA (nl)
– Sphynx (mx) – visuals
– Mecchanana

WORM – Boomgaardsstraat 71, Rotterdam
23:00 – 5:00 | presale: 7,- / door: 8,-

Pantropical charges forward in February with headline sets from Siete Catorce, Abyss X, and Lyzza. Together with Pantropical regulars Panda Lassow and Sxmbra we have a night spanning tropical outer limits; infused with baile funk, 3bal and futuristic global bass. Turning contemporary dance music on its head.

Mexico City-based producer Marco Polo Gutierrez was born in Mexicali but brought up in Oakland before his family was forced back to Mexico at age 15. His alter ego Siete Catorce reflects both the urban sounds of inner city California and a northern Mexican frontier town, flipping between traditional influences and contemporary electronic music culture, and the effects of the tumultuous socio-economic and political situation colouring the region. Siete Catorce is an unique mesh of tropical rhythms, coupled with intricate drum patterns which are often characterized by disquieting tones and ominous atmospherics. Marco has quickly scaled the ranks of Mexico’s electronic music scene. He has performed in every noteworthy festival and event in Mexico, and his music has been released through ENCHUFADA, NAAFI and Mexico’s ruidosón movement.

ABYSS X (halcyon veil, infinite machine)
Cretan-born, New York-based artist who produces and performs as Abyss X. At this event she will deliver a DJ set of head-spinning noisey "Minoan Tropics". In 2016 she dropped two releases: the highly esoteric EP 'Mouthed' (cited as an ode to her Greek heritage) on Rabit's imprint Halcyon Veil and the riotous mini album 'Nüshu' via Infinite Machine. Just like her live sets, her DJ sets accommodate a distinct raw punk nature with a raging blend of different genres and flavors.

Lyzza is a very promising young DJ / producer who is currently on the rise from within the scene in Amsterdam. At Pantropical she will showcase her Brazilian roots through baile funk mixed in with her taste for bass heavy contemporary club music.

Panda is a vinyl-only DJ / producer who swapped Dresden for R'dam circa 2009. Panda is not only the label boss of the daring Anus records, a Red Light radiomaker, Beatmakers Union member, but most of all an excellent DJ. She will do some tight tropical bass mixing that is rather stripped down in style, with juke/footwork, and future funk thrown in for good measure.

SXMBRA (GenerationBass)
S x m b r a navigates global and online undergrounds and is one of the main curators / writers of the Generation Bass blog. He will bring a diverse selection of transnational, futuristic club & bass music, hinting at his Colombian roots.

SPHYNX – visuals
Transmedial artist and interaction designer from Mexico, who is currently based in Utrecht, working in parametric design and self–controlled pieces.
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