Massie (NL) Guestmix @ #100 A Darker Wave UK 14-01-2017 (techno classics vinylset)

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A Darker Wave, the best in underground techno and deep house, presented by jacki-e & p-mac.

To help us celebrate our 100th show we have two exclusive guest mixes from two of our resident DJ's, The Sloane Ranger and DJ Massie (2:03 hours) , both of which have been filmed (You Tube links below).

In the first hour of the show we go into the mix with tracks from Luigi Tozzi, Deepbass & Ness, Corvum, Charlotte de Witte, Hedustma, Charles Fenckler, Vertical Spectrum, Mila Dietrich and lots more.

In the second hour we have the first of our guest mixes. The Sloane Ranger, aka Stuart Sloane from London. Stuart has been on the show twice before, in shows #041 and #064. He is best known for mixing African tribal beats with tech house and techno but for our 100th show he has delivered a great techno and tech house mix which he has called Deep Tech Waves. (Video link to follow).
To find out more about The SloaneRanger:-

In the third hour we have our second guest mix. DJ Massie's first mix for us was in show #085. This time he has delivered a fantastic vinyl only mix of techno classics to celebrate our 100th show. It's an hour and 18 minutes of great high energy techno.
Video link:-…&

To find out more about DJ Massie:-

We are back in the mix in the fourth hour with tracks from Charles Fenckler, Vertical Spectrum, Marla Singer, Casual Treatment, Doctor+ and lots more.

If you like the tracks we play, please support the artists by buying their music.

Track list:-
00:00 A Darker Wave Opening Mix
1. Earth Control Room - Ushiba
2. HedustmA - Indus Sentimental
3. Mila Dietrich - Fading Away
4. Black Girl White Girl - Closure
5. Coyu ft Juliet Fox - Ecstasy (Late Night mix)
6. Charlotte de Witte - My Feeling (Coyu remix)
7. Luigi Tozzi - Sub-Photic Zone
8. Tom Hades- Drukker
9. HedustmA - Desfragmentacion de la Humanidad
10. Vertical Spectrum - Moving Object
11. Deepbass & Ness - Outer Limits (Shlomo remix)
12. Corvum - Harmony Corruption (Christian Gerlach remix)
13. Charlotte de Witte - Trip (TWR72 remix)
14. Charles Fenckler - Frozen Room
15. Fabrizio Lapiana - Anti Matter

1:01:02 The SloaneRanger - Deep Tech Waves, an Exclusive Guest Mix for A Darker Wave

2:02:50 DJ Massie - Vinyl Techno Classics, an Exclusive Guest Mix for A Darker Wave

1) Carl Marx - when the body speaks
2) Andre Walter - Repelling noise "Loopy"
3) Michael Hastrich - the day after
4) Ted Björling - Love i've known
5) Hertz - Delicado (samuel session rmx 1)
6) Richard Turner - Utl 15 side 1
7) Dj Seb.B - Mass Noise org mix
😎 Ignacio - Evolving
9) Ben Sims - Manipulated
10) Josh Love - Dust Ball
11) Jeroen Liebregts - Unimodal
12) Henze/Safarrano - Back
13) Samuel Session - Core Ep
14) Mauro Picotto - Taotek
15) Hybrid Players - Freefunk
16) Nova & Sinus - Kilo
17) Joey Beltram - Gameform

3:22:00 A Darker Wave concluding mix
1. Editors - Papillon (Kai Pattenberg Bootleg)
2. Charlotte de Witte - Human Beings - (Ricardo Garduno remix)
3. Charles Fenckler - Immersion
4. Vertical Spectrum - Corridors of Cyrus Pt 2
5. Dean Amo vs Marla Singer - Inception
6. Doctor+ - Moto Snare
7. EJ - Slam
8. Charles Fenckler - The Unknown
9. Casual Treatment - Eternal Restraint
10. Vertical Spectrum - Debris of Future Hegemony
11. Charles Fenckler - Raven
12. Charles Fenckler - Voices in Your Head

Produced for radio by Sergio Erridge.