NOORD Unlimited #2 // The Sensation Continues

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------------- NOORD UNLIMITED ---------------

Amsterdam's Ultimate Dance Sensation CONTINUES*­
>>>>> An ode to the forgotten dance <<<<<
Amsterdam Noord

We're back! Ibiza was great but we can't stop raving.­ We got so much positive feedback on our first edition, everyone was asking for a follow up.­ This made us believe that Eurodance, Trance and all older rave music will never die.­

Praises from the dance community all over:

Duncan Stutterheim: "­Beter dan Sensation én Mysteryland"­
Ray &­ Anita: "­Still Too Unlimited!"­
Ferry Corsten: "­I hope I can play there one day"­

The ultimate rave to revive the forgotten electronic dance styles that were famous in the 90's and early 00's.­

The following 6 djs are all known locally, nationally and even internationally.­ But this night they play with a different name, a name that is soccer-arena and Ibiza worthy.­ Introducing:

Dj Cyberdawg
Dj GeoCities
Dj 320 kbps
Dj Nightbus
Dj YouzieWoozy
Trance Parents

Even more lasers
and more Smoke machines
and probably one exotic stage dancer

Only very limited tickets available at the door

Party starts: 22:00
End: 4:00
Tickets: €7,50
Limited tickets at the door

Gedempt Hamerkanaal 85
Amsterdam Noord