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PANTROPICAL x 'Afrofuturism Now!'

location: Worm - Boomgaardsstraat 71, Rotterdam
23:00 – 05:00 | entrance: presale 8 euros!

Special edition PANTROPICAL as part of WORM's 'Afrofuturism Now!' festival. We're super proud to present the debut live shows in The Netherlands of Islam Chipsy / EEK, but also Firmeza, and Lilocox. Next to that we welcome back Mutamassik, who conquered the Worm flag before. The high-energy music from these artists has been tried and tested at crazed Egyptian wedding ceremonies, underground house parties, explosive Lisbon club nights and then some. It will joyfully render preconceived notions about what dance music should sound like useless.

Exploding out of Cairo, Islam Chipsy & his band EEK are a three-way force of nature and currently one of the most exciting live acts on the planet. Islam Chipsy's joyous sonic keyboard blitz warps the standard oriental scale system into otherworldly shapes. Chipsy is flanked by Islam Ta’ta’ and Khaled Mando, who create a percussive maelstrom behind dual drum kits. Nashazphone (a label run by Hicham Chadly who is also involved with Sublime Frequencies) just released the group’s debut album 'Kahraba'. Recorded last year in downtown Cairo, it contains four tracks representing Chipsy’s wild and inimitable artistic spectrum.

• MUTAMASSIK (eg) (it)
Giulia Loli a.k.a. Mutamassik (meaning Stronghold / Tenacity in Arabic) is an extraordinary producer, musician, DJ/turntablist (visual) artist. She merges Egyptian percussion with hardcore breaks. The result, sometimes dubbed Sa’aidi hardcore & Baladi breakbeats is a mutant, syncopated form of instrumental hip-hop. Loli looks to serve as a bridge between cultures, in promoting cultural understanding; pushing past politics to get to the kernel of truth: "the fire in creativity that incinerates obstacles and small-mindedness".

• DJ FIRMEZA (pt) (ao) | príncipe)
Lisbon is separated by the Tagus river. DJ Firmeza was part of P.D.D.G. (Piquenos Djs Do Guetto); a crew from the North Side. Born in Portugal to Angolan parents, Firmeza comes from Quinta do Mocho, the same neighbourhood of kuduro originators NERVOSO and MARFOX. Firmeza is a revered DJ in the local youth culture with a unique percussive-heavy, trance-inducing style of mixing. He is a regular on Príncipe's famous 'Noite Príncipe' club nights at Musicbox, Lisbon. Firmeza saw his first music put to wax in 2013 with B.N.M. / P.D.D.G.' self-titled EP on Príncipe (elected 'Album of the Month' on SPIN's Control Voltage). He now produces his own tracks and is scheduled to release his highly anticipated first 12'' on October 16, entitled "Alma do meu pai".

• DJ LILOCOX (pt) (cv) | príncipe)
Lilocox was born in Cascais, Portugal, but is from Cape Verdean descent. He quickly became an influential producer for the ghetto kids in the Greater Lisbon area. Like Firmeza, he was also part of the PDDG crew, wich got rave reviews on e.g. Pitchfork, and Resident Advisor. Lilocox formed the production duo CDM with his friend DJ Maboku in 2009, forging a union of mind & souls set to work on originating a new style of sound. At Pantropical Lilocox will be playing solo.

• DJ DM (nl/ao)
Versatile Angolan / Dutch DJ who has been operating from Utrecht since circa 2008. He played alongside DJ Boni at the Pantropical party with Nigga Fox in October 2014. With DM you're guaranteed to wobble your butt to some fresh Afro House / Kuduro beats!
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