Greetings from Sweden!

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Hey everyone!
I just want to say hello from a sunny and friendly Sweden!

The bad things thing this far is that I have got a moskito bite on my big toe, and also that it is so still here, sometimes I get a bit restless.

So, let me tell you what I have done untill now :-D
I landed in Stockholm the 10:th around 14 o'clock and when I stepped out of the plane it was like if I had arrived in some tropical place, really the temperature was not very Scandinavian ;-) I had to fan myself with a news paper, jeeeeeesus it was Hot! Arrived in my home town (very very very up north) about 17. Got picked up by my dad & brother, I didn't see my brother since christmas so giving hum a :hug: felt (y) (y) (y)!

That night we went to see Spiderman. Didn't really like the movie, but aww, don't really care, went to see it with my brother so :-D Yesterday it was also really warm, when I got up in the morning it was about 28 degrees in the sun! All the family went to the newly built summer house (I didn't see it yes) and it was/is really really pretty! It has a relax dept. with sauna and shower and so... very nice! First me & my brother went for a swim, then we had dinner all of us, my mom really cooked delicious and then had a sauna + another swim :-)

As you all can hear I am enjoying myself here. It is so nice to be off from work and to be able to see my family and old friends. Soon I am gonna bike to my best girlfriend Emma, didn't see her since christmas too and now she's got her own apartment!

See you around people, you will probably hear more from me in a bit! :-)

Happy for you your having such a good time :)
Seeing your familly again is nice isn't it?

Do you still wanna get back to this rotten country? :D

Have fun !! (k)
Hello my dear!

I've packed my bikini and will take the nxt plain to Sweden!


Don't know yet about a hotel near NatureOne, did my best but I was very very drunk yesterday, and very very lazy today!

Wish you a nice holiday and within 2 weeks you'll be in my tent (or hotelbed!) for 3 days, gnagnagna!!!

Big kiss!!!!!! (k)
I envy you, i'd relly like to go back to scandinavia (i've been to finland for a month last year for school) My finish friend was supposed to come to holland this summer but she got a new appartment so all her money was spend on the appartment...

But have a greet time with your friends and family :-)
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Hej Ida..

Hoppas du har en jätteskoj semester i Sverige.. Jag ska till Sverige också i två veckor.. Hoppas vädret ska bli detsamma :D Jag har köpt migsjälv ett nytt MTB-cykel.. Tar det med mig.. Köra liten genom skogen: skoj :P

Jag vet att det finns mycket mygga i norrland.. Värför måste du bor så Norrliga? :P Jag ska till regionen nära Värmland, Västmanland och Dalarna.. alltså central Sverige. Jag är tillbaks den trettonde augusti.. Kanske vi ses på Q-Base eller Mysteryland, vet inte när du kommer tillbaks igen. Ha det bra och trevligen sommaren!

Hälsningar och puss från Holland.. (K)

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hmm i know these swedish saunas, during chrismas 2000 i was running around naked in the snow after, in swedish tradition:D
volgens mij volg ik +-40% wat ie zei WJ:D
maak je maar geen zorgen het was ook alleen aan haar gericht :P
Skål noemen we dat.. :P
Hi Miss! have a nice staying!

my vacation isn't started yet! :(
but...8 days and then i go :D

bu bye!

Yes I want to go back to rotten Holland!!!! But for now this is good, I am slowing down my tempo with like 500% when I am here. Spending time with my family is great, but since I now live alone and I am used to do stuff myself, I almost get annoyed when they want to serve me my breakfast corn flakes, and sometimes it seems like they are running over their feet cause I am at home... maybe a sign that I have been away for too long? :-S Also when they have these little arguments among eachohter... or when they tell me not to put anything on the table cloth (!!!! Hello, on a TABLE you are supposed to PUT stuff, so then if you put a Stupid piece of embroidery there, stuff will be Put on THAT INSTEAD)
...well... my point is made ;-) :-D But they are very cute!

To WackieJacky: I can also try to help out with making reservations and so from here. Just let me know!

Till ScuL: Vad är en MTB cykel förnått? En MC? Jaja, I alla fall ;-) Hoppas du får en skojjig cykelsemester!
hhhmmm well, I have the same problem because I was forced to move to my parents again. They mean it very well, but it is SO anoying.. :)
Hey ida!

well good to hear from u, and that you are enjoying yourself.

cya soon (k)
Jag menar en MounTainBike :P whehe
Det ska alltid bli detsamma... argumenterar med våran foräldrar.. :D Ha det :)
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Hey again,
friday me & my brother are gonna arrange a little party in my parents summer house, that's gonna be so much fun, drink beer in the sauna and bathe in the middle of the night :-D
The weather is still (y) and now I am more friend with the tempo here than I was the first few days. Yesterday I drank a Hoegaarden (!! They serve Hoegaarden in a new pub here :-D with my best girlfriend Emma, and she's probably gonna come and visit me in time for Mysteryland! I really hope she will, I am so excited about it! She's never been to such a party so that would be SO cool to show her :-D
Now I am gonna bike into town and havea look in some shops, I have been laying out in the garden all day.
Laters people :-)
Hey Ida,

Het is zo stil hier zonder jou :( :( :( dus ik moet me maar ergens anders mee vermaken.....Sensation was echt %*&%#@ ik hoop dat je het naar je zin hebt daar.


p.s. Hebben ze daar wel broodje olifantaap? Anders mis je je dagelijkse snack :p Ik ga maar weer aan de frikandellen lieve schat......;)
Nej geen broodje olifantaap hier! Maar, aardbeien uit egen tuin (don't know if I spell this correctly since all I know is self learnt :-S en +30 in het zon :bloos:
Aardbeien? Hmmmzzzzz das lekker in bed met slagroom erbij ;) :D (Ive got something in my mind right now, hehe) En het is bij jou gewoon warmer dan hiero :( Maar gelukkig moet ik nog 1,5 week wachten en dan ben ik naar Turkije...(daar zullen ze vast geen broodje frikandel hebben :p ) En hoe is het daar tot nu toe? Everything OK?
hehe, your friend will have REALLY big eyes hehe:| could be of 2 things, maybe both....ill let you decide;)
To Dj Diablo: Good for you that you think that strawberries are nice in bed. :-S (??)

To miech: I will let her decide about that ;-)
2 Missl: Well not in that way but in a "­We just woke up and wanna have a snack"­ kind of way.­
en +­30 in het zon

not for long.. :( regnet kommer uppa till dig

by the way Ida here's a trick for you
'The sun' in Swedish is 'Solen'.. everything that ends upon 'en' in Swedish you can use the Dutch word 'de' for instead of 'het'. So actually it should be 'de zon' instead of 'het zon'... no problem just a handy tip :P

In short '-en -> de', '-et -> het' :D
Ur back!!!!! I am happy :D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D

Mailed u just a minute ago....
oj... nog 3 dagen hier en ik vertrek die kant op. let's check out the weather reports.. :P