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Hela!! Ik ben opzoek naar goede platen om te downloaden.­ Ik heb er nu 370, maar nu weet ik effe geen goede platen meer.­ wie helpt mij effe, het liefst uit '97 ofzo, maar newksool van nu is ook welkom.­
heeft helemaal niemand iets?
je hebt er al een heel aantal dus ik weet niet als je ze al hebt of zo.­
weet niet wat je van neophyte vindt
maar hier zijn nog een aantal nummer (van ongeveer '97)
-- real hardcore
-- punk motherfucker
-- it's the men of steel
-- no worries
-- bitch
-- music get's you drunk
-- none of ya left
-- neophyte hardcore
-- evil
-- xtc inferno
-- neophyte starts the war
-- army of hardcore
-- braincracking
-- how much can you take
Heb je misschien een lijst van wat je al hebt toevallig, dan zou ik wel ff kunnen kijken of ik nog wat leuke aanvulligen weet ;)
Heb je daar een tip voor gold? Of moet ik dan eerst alles overtikken? Kan hem namelijk niet kopieren natuurlijk.­ Greetzzzzz
:( muziek download je in de winkel niet vanaf internet :p
Hiero heb je mijn platenlijst van wat ik op vinyl heb daar zitten een hoop leuke tussen:

Artiest Naam Label
1: 80 AUM Mindcontroller 80 AUM AUM1212

2: 50 % Of The Dreamteam Harakiri Vol.­ 1 BZRK 28
Open Sesame

3: Armando 100% of Diss 'in You White Label
Land Of Confusion

4: Steve Shit Gabbertalez Most Wanted Bootleg EP de 2049
Common ya'll (Move Ya' Bodies)
So You're All Fuckin'
Havin' Sex
Ya Need Somethan'?

5: Bim Bam Beeper Most Wanted Bootleg EP de 2050
Humand Recource Dominator FFM
Stereo Murder Don't Touch That Stereo
Inferno Bros Slaves To The Raves

6: Nasty Django H.­M.­F.­ RMXZ Most Wanted Bootleg EP de 2051

7: Black Knight Back To Tha "­O"­ School Baby Boom Baby 026

8: Bonzai Dream Your Dream III Bonzai Records BR 49051

9: B.­S.­E.­ Hard Attack Baby Boom Baby 022
Head-Ache FM

10: Catscan Capture in Distress The Third Movement TR3DM-00005

11: Commotion Tutti Frutti Test Crash Records Test 002

12: Cubic 22 Night In Motion Big Time International BTI 0191-7

13: Deathlock Hardcore Team Men of The Law Rotterdam Records ROT 081
Hardcore Reality
Da Rhythm
The Stairs

14: DJ Delirium Guess Who's Back MOH 018

15: Devilfish Man Alive (past) Bush 1089
Formation (present)

16: DHS The House of God Digi White 039-12

17: Digital Boy This is Mutha Fucker Italian Steel ITS 004
Back To The Past"­ Vol.­ 2

18: Digital Boy Kokko Italian Steel ITS 003
Back To The Past"­ Vol.­ 1 Ok Allright!
Kokko DJ Rob Remix
Ok Allright Digital Boy'96 Remix

19: D-Boy Gold vol.­ 3 Various D-Boy Black Label DB090

20: D-Mob We call it acieeed ffrr ffrx 13 (1988)

21: Dr.­ Macabre's Ghost Stories Powerplant POW 003

22: Dreamteam Various DTPCONP004LP
Buzz Fuzz Frequencies
Buzz Fuzz Ill Behaviour
Buzz Fuzz Freedom
Dano All I Know
Dano Needle Shock
Dano Bad Attitude
Gizmo This Beat Kicks
Gizmo Go get Stupid
Gizmo The First Of The Northstar
The Prophet Pump Up The Volume
The Prophet With Your Love
The Prophet IC The Future

23: Dyewitness And The Nightraver Featuring DJ Trevor &­ MC Cyclone Live in Schotland Midtown Records MID 91138

24: Edge of Motion Set up 707 Djax Up Beats 135

25: Hardcore Element &­ Bad News Tell The DJ Undercover Mafia UNM001

26: Hardheads I am a Gabber Baby MRV01

27: History of Techno Part 2 Private Productions Big Time BTI 961104
(2 x 12"­) Looped, The realm, Bass Manouvres etc.­

28: Holy Noise The Nightmare The Final Remixes Rotterdam Records ROT 015

29: MC Hughie Babe Unarmed And Dangerous Noculan Records NOC 012

30: Human Recource Dominator AUM 1012 D.­C.­ Songs

31: Interactive Who Is Elvis Remixes? European Rave Records ERR.­ 9501-5

32: DJ Isaac Face Down, Ass Up Baby Boom B.­B.­S.­E.­ 005
Future Beats II Baby Boom Special 005

33: Jones &­ Stephenson The First Rebirth Prolekult Kult 005

34: L.­A.­ Style James Brown Is Dead DeCaDance Records DEC 9005

35: Lost 7 Atmos-Fear Cold Rush Records Lost 7

36: Lost 10 Apocalypse Never Cold Rush Records Lost 10

37: Mainx 88 To Piano Hithouse Records Hit 6.­014

38: The Masochist &­ Digital Boy Shout Out! D-Boy Black Label DB 095

39: Maurizio Braccagni The Hammer E.­P.­ Brainstorm BRA005
Bass Solution
Are You Down?
Feel This

40: DJ Pagan Mister Mister Scarface Dwarf 027

41: DJ Paul Elstak Play My Game Rotterdam Records ROT 040

42: D.­J.­P.­C.­ Inssomniak Hype 12 Pumr 005

43: Phenomania Who Is Elvis? European Techno Community ETC 721

44: Pino D'Ambini featuring Beasty Boy Do it Again
BZRK Black Label BBL005

45: Plastikman Spastik Novamute 12 NoMu 28

46: Plexus Cactus Rhythm Diki Records

47: Prodigy No Good (start to dance) XL Recordings XLT 51A

48: The Prophet Housetime! Test Crash Records Test 001

49: Quadrophonia Quadrophonia Streatbeats SB 5.­005-9

50: Oldschool Terrorists Number 4 Rotterdam Records ROT 063

51: Rave Creator A New Mind Remixes Part 2 Most Wanted Bootleg EP de 2037 GOLD

52: DJ Rob featuring MC Joe The Beat is Flown Rotterdam Records ROT 023

53: DJ Rob's Oldschool Classics Moka - Start this Records Rotterdam Records RC 001
Limited Edition Volume 1 Krid Snero - White Line
Mainx - 88 To Piano
Ultimate Seduction - Nightmare Walking

54: DJ Rob's Oldschool Classics DJ Rob - Boys Interface Rotterdam Records RC 004
Limited Edition Volume 2 J'N'J - The Ballet
Laison D.­ - Por La Patria
Dyewitness - What Would You Hear

55: Robert Armani Ambulance 2 NCU Records ACV1006

56: Rot.­ Termination Source Poing Rotterdam Records ROT 004

57: Rotterdam Terror Corps The Mix Megarave Records MRV 011

58: Ruff Hardcore Classics Retro Retro 001
Diss Reaction Jiiieehaaa
Juggernaut Communism
Comababy Comababy
Und.­ Anarchist Kingdom
Juggernaut XTC Motherf…
Lockjaw Selecta

59: Robert Armani Hit Hard Retro Arena Vinyl One
DJ Bountyhunter Woops
DJ Looney Tune Jumpin' &­ Pumpin'
Thunderball Bonzai Channel One

60: Tyrone Electric Voodoo Retro Arena Vinyl Three
Aqua Contact La Sirena
Dream Your Dream Soushkin
Yves De Ruyter The Rebel

61: Commander Tom Are Am Eye? Retro Arena Vinyl Five
Blue Alphabet Cybertrance
DJ Looney Tune Beatbox
Interactive Dildo

62: Rode Schoentjes Rode Schoentjes Basis Beat BASIC 201-5

63: Royal House Can You Party? Torso 12084

64: Serious Beats Serious Beats 25 Anniversary 001
Age of Love Age of Love
(Watch Out for the Stella Club Mix)
Ramirez La Musica Tremenda (Original)
Moby Go (Woodtick Mix)

65: Serious Beats Serious Beats 25 Anniversary 005
B-Sides The Tape (Remix)
Modular Expansion Cubes
World Party II Forget It
T99 Anasthasia

66: Serious Beats Serious Beats 25 Anniversary 006
Carat Trax II by Zolex The Message
Pragha Khan feat.­ Jade Injected With A Poison
Insider Destiny (Wild Mix)
Two Pieces Magic Bells (Final Mix)

67: Serious Beats Serious Beats 25 Anniversary 007
Ecstacy Club Jesus Loves The Acid (Acid Chant)
Public Energy Three 'O Three
Second Phase Mentasm
Meng Syndicate Sonar System (Aw Aw)

68: Set Up System Fairy dust XL Recordings

69: DJ Sim 24 k Solid Bass White Label 17 ½

70: Speedy J Something For Your +­8 Records
Mind (The Remixes)

71: The Ultimate Seduction The Ultimate Seduction 2001 Remixes Blue White Records BLW 013

72: DJ Valium I Forgot Two Colours X Stream X-Stream 016 (Diki Records)

73: Wasting Program Bring That Shit Back The BZRK Mixes BZRK Records BZRK 019

74: DJ Rip Power House EP UC Records UC 308
Musica Del Futuro
Musica Del Futuro (Future Mix)
I Feel It
Welcome To My Club

75: The Funk Box We Won't Stop, UC Records UC 304
Cause We Can't Stop

76: DJ Rip Progressive Madness UC Records UC 389
To Da Beat
Time 2 Kick
I'm Your DJ

77: Cosmic Gate Back To Earth / Hardcore Part II /243 5 50385 6 2 (EMI Electrola)

78: Mark Norman Return 2 Eden / Overkill Silver Premium SP-050 (BPM Dance Label)

79: Dominium Let Your Mind (The Remixes) inclusive bass mix Plain House V-PLAIN006

80: Katana Fancy Fair Silver Premium SP-040 (BPM Dance Label)

81: Wanted Records Vol.­ 3 Joe inferno, Tetris etc.­ WR 003

82: Cosmic Gate Fire Wire White Label

83: G-Town Madness Put Your Hands Up, Silence Dwarf Records Dwarf 045

84: French Connection French Connection The Super Special Remixes SS 019 (Super Special)

85: Bass Boy Let The Bass Be Louder Mid-Town Records MID 91125

86: Mike Dunn Magic Feet The Remixes Djax Up Beats Djax Up 149

87: Da Tekno Warriors He is my DJ Rotterdam Tekno RTEK.­04

88: The Darkman Illegale Byte Records BP 010020-12

89: Donkey Rollers Motherf.­ck Fusion 001-5

90: Franky Bones My House is Your House Bash Again! Records Bash 004/2

91: Lisa Loud Miles for sound NEWS 541

92: Pump Trax Vol 1 Loaded D-Form 09

93: Supermarco May Little Man Sigma 049

94: G-town Madness Locked Down Baby Boom Baby 042

96: Zenith vs Avex I'm Your Deejay Trance Communications TRC-2001-01

97: Real Retro Classics EP 2 Hocus Pocus, El Gallinero, White Line, The Fly is Dead Mostiko Real Retro House Classics EP 2

98: Masters of Ceremony Under Control Neophyte Records NEO 013

99: Umek Gatex, Brotax Potential 011 The X EP

100: Thunderball It's your DJ Bonzai Jumps BJI 004

101: Out of Grace Anglia Free For All 7002815

102: The Moon Blow The Speakers Byte Progressive BP 010017-12

103: Poogie Bear &­ Mark V Buzzin / Don't Make me Wait Diki 1291

104: Mark V &­ Poogie Bear Drop Da Funk Diki 1292

105: Da Tekno Warriors Da Beat Rotterdam Tekno RTEK 01

106: Da Tekno Warriors Da Game Rotterdam Tekno RTEK 02

107: Da Tekno Warriors Yo! Rotterdam Tekno RTEK 03

108: Da Warriros Turntable Psycho Rotterdam Tekno RTEK 05

109: Da Tekno Warriors feat.­ DJ Bam Bam Pump Up the Bass Rotterdam Tekno RTEK 06

110: Mark V &­ Poogie Bear &­ Da Warrior Put Ya Hands Up Rotterdam Tekno RTEK 07

111: DJ Trajic Problemas / The DJ UC 225

112: Mark V &­ Poogie Bear Pump Up Da' Horns UC 283

113: The Darkraver &­ DJ Vince Thunderground Baby Boom Baby 023

114: Swang Da Funk Beat is Pumpin UC 288

115: Mark V &­ Poogie Bear What You Waiting for UC 337

116: Mark V &­ Poogie Bear Da Boy is Bangin' / Ants in da pants GR 737

117: Groovy Goes Underground Construction Danceworks II/ In Ya Face GR 738

118: Turbulence N Terrorists 6 Million Ways To Die Super Special SS-13

119: b2k BamBams Compliant Rmx DJ Rips Downloadable UC 400

120: G-Town Madness Vs Attic &­ Stylzz The Legacy Continues BTBES001

121: Poogie Bear ?? HSM

122: DJ Youri Fuck on Cocaine No Name Records NN 4006

123: Delinquents M.­F.­ EP D-Form 12

124: Max E-Crew Drop That Oldschool Beat Italian Steel ITS 009

125: Bald Terror Drummachine remixes Rotterdam Records RC 002

126: Neophyte Limited (Braincracking) Rotterdam Special ROTSP 2

127: A Homeboy, A Hippie &­ A Funki Dredd Total Confusion TAM *­ TAM , TTT 031

128: Neophyte Get This Motherfucker Rotterdam Records 58

129: Silvio Ecomo No Dip (Mac Zimms mix) Silver Premium SP-070

130: Showtek Save the day No Name Records TR 6008

131: Pinball VS.­ DJ Palon Wildstyle Aqualoop Records AQL 013

132: The Viper X-Terminate Baby Boom Baby 043

133: T-Wisted feat.­ Pino D'Ambini Respect The Cock EP BZRK Records bzrk 30

134: The Darkraver Direction Of Fear IMC 08-031467-20

135: Promo My Recipe For Disaster File 008

136: Dope Loving Criminals C&­C Jumper Records JP 9037

137: Taq 9 Beatz In Time Scantraxx Scantraxx 001

138: D-Boy Gold Vol.­ 6 DJ 8 MIX Hardiness D-Boy Blacklabel DB 112

139: 3 Phase featuring Dr.­ Motte Der Klang Der Familie Transmat Classics MS-17

140: Hard Creation Bastard / Asshole Forze Records Forze 24

141: Traikos Vol.­1 Gimme a Mother …kin Music Man MMI 9095

142: Bodylotion Terror Traxx TT5
Ik wil hake!
Watch Yourself
Fuck Martina
Watte Dan?

143: Sandy Warez Plass Shot EP D-Form 14

144: DJ Frank Dinner Jumper records JP 9007

145: DJ Lancinhouse Vs.­ DJ Jappo The Real Motherfuckers EP Industrial Strength ISL 4

146: DJ Rob &­ MC Joe Beat is Flown '99 Rotterdam Records 75

147: Danger Hardcore Team Jumpin' Time DHT 7001

148: Buzz Fuzz The Revisited BZRK Records BZRK 034
Tony Salmonelli Hey (2002 mix)
Frequencies (original +­ 2002 mix)

149: Too Fast For Mellow In my House Terror Traxx 2

150: Ramirez Terapia Music Man Records MMI 9377

151: DJ Paul And Teenage Warning Brohym Trax Torm Records Trax 9706

152: D-Boy Project 6 (2 x 12"­) Respect The Core D-Boy Black Label DB 116 DLP

153: Ramirez Orgasmico (Ricci D.­J.­ Rmx) DFC 112

154: Paul vs.­ The Headbanger Your mother sucks cocks in hell Offensive records OFF 002

155: The Insane Animal The Sea of Darkness E.­P.­ Doggy Style DS 001

156: Darien Kelly &­ The Stunned Guys Main Mutherfucka's / Party Rico! Forze Records Forze 11

157: Stunned Guys Musica Nevrotica / Bim Bum Bam Do It Yourself Records DIY 95013

158: DJ Dave Forbes Apolypse Now Baby Boom Records Baby 010

159: The Darkraver &­ DJ Vince Intelligent Hardcore Baby Boom Records Baby 021

160: Opposing Forces Casualties Of War / Vive La France Coolman Records CM 017

161 : Neophyte And Scott Brown This One Is For You Neophyte Records Neo 009