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mijn naam is René en ik ben opzoek naar lekkere house, electro house en hardstyle mixen om te draaien op mijn radio(live)stream.
(geen minimal of deephouse, techno ligt aan de mix )

Mijn website is een uit de hand gelopen hobby,die ik nog wat verder wil uitbouwen.
Doel van de website is om non stop 24 uur per dag naar lekkere house muziek te kunnen luisteren zonder gelul erdoorheen.
Er staat op dit moment 50 uur muziek op, te weinig dus.
Ik heb er zelf een aantal mixen op staan en ondertussen al meer mixen van andere dj's.
Zo nu en dan worden er ook live sets gedraaid.

De stream bevat nu vrijwel alleen maar house en electro house, zo nu en dan een keertje live hardstyle.
Binnenkort komt er een tweede stream bij waar alleen de hardere stylen op worden gedraaid.

Wie zijn mix gedraaid zou willen hebben kan via de mail contact met me opnemen.
Als je mix gedraaid word dan zal er op dat moment een foto van jou of van je mix te zien zijn die bijvoorbeeld doorverwijst naar je facebook of soundcloud.

Kijk voor een voorbeeld op onze site of kijk eens naar de facebookpagina

Dank je!
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Don't drink and drive hardtechno vinyl after Christmas partie 27 dec 2014
#Hardstyle #Night it is, so tune in and enjoy the harder beatzz!

19.00: Tunedriverz - Hardstyle Night Warm-up
20.00: Erik V. - Hard with a heart
21.00: Jynical - Defqon Warm-Up
21.56: Re-Shock - Assault Podcast 13 guest mix by The Addictz
22.57: R&J Music - The Black Demon Defqon 1
23.58: Bouncing Ball - After Motherfuckers Mix
00.55: DJ Striker - Firestarter
01.26: Rawcore Official - Madhouze Underground dj contest
01.54: Dj Apox - Hardcore Madness , FreemindedFM android app!
6 March 2015,

If ya like driving full force techno mixed with vinyl your on the right place, here a recorded session on 24 feb 2015 mixed by dj Massie. starting with tribal sounds than building up to more powerfull and changing sounds, have fun....

+/- 75 minutes of full force techno and classics supported with effects and tricks by Massie (NL)

like share if you want

greetz Massie
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2 march 2015,


im am very excited about my event on 28 March :
it will be wicked!

43 minutes hardtechno schranz tight mix, had to stop after 40 minutes because of privat matters, shit happens as we speak but this session is experimental to create new ideas! Nice tracks by the way have a go and hit my repost and like button as many as you want it, this is my second mix this weekend. do not forget the others, i play for you to express my musical feelings for anyone who likes it yeaaah

soundcloud link:

have fun
greetz and beatz
= DJ MITCH = [Raw DemonZ]
Werkzaam bij Mitch Productions
Artiest {SHOWLIST artist 11442, 4354, 84091}
Een raw stijl live setje van mij :
Ik zal de setjes luisteren en kom erop terug, dank je
Artiest {SHOWLIST artist 44702, 68263}
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Ik doe mee aan de dancetour dj clash.
Ik zou het heel leuk vinden als jullie me zouden willen steunen door op deze pagina een like te geven en te delen met je vrienden
Alvast bedankt
Heee thanks voor het uitzenden van mijn mix !! :respect:

Playlist #MEI15 PART DEUX by Tristan Mooij:

1: Stephan Bodzin - Birth (Super Flus Early Contractions)

2: Kruse & Nuernberg - Lost N Free feat. Brolin (Original_Mix)

3: Jody Wisternoff feat. Sian Evans -The Bridge (Original Mix)

4: Beautiful Things (Kastis Torrau & Donatello Remix)

5: Eelke Kleijn - Celebrate Life (Extended Mix)

6: Spirit Catcher, Raxon - Remember To Forget (Original Mix)

7: Claptone -Forest Of Love (Original Mix)

8: Mike D' Jais - A Soul Deep (Original Mix)

9: Paride Saraceni - West Village (Original Mix)

10: Marc Houle - Pepper (Monkey Safari Remix)

11: Agoria - Alluvion

Take care Tristan Mooij
dank je, ik ga je setje luisteren en kom erop terug, kan wel een paar dagen duren.
5 June 2015,

Hello Techno People,

Here my underground vinyl FX set broadcasted last night on Mixology Rind Radio (luxembourg) 04/06/2015

Special thanx to David Barlier (Rind Radio), the Dj’s and Listeners.

This mix can be listened (downloads enabled) on Soundcloud

Greetz Massie
Welcome to my new podcast for Bassfamily , for this special edition #020 i made a 90 minutes techno underground vinyl FX mix

Tracklist ala carte!!!

1) headroom – life to dead noise
2) hertz -- big Bang (Bryant Cox rmx)
3) Sniper -- advanced subtractive
4) Sebastien Marx – Savage
5) Kari Paap/HMD – Afrika Dream
6) Chris Liberator – Shoplift
7) Sunil Sharpe -- Breaker
Samuel L Session – Core ep track A2 Unknown
9) C. Fischer/ dj Murphy - Slave
10) Utility Plastics UTL15 – Richard Turner track B2
11) Alpharisc – Believe in me
12) C. Liberator/Lenny Dee – The Iron Chicken
13) Heroes h4 glenn wilson - half light
14) Dj Bold – Drift away
15) Zoid/Mucky Beats – Japanese Clank
16) Humpries – Dialoque
17) Virgil Enzinger – Tokyo Nights
18) Peak / Radical G – Fragmental Excursion
19) Hydraulix 31 – Audioklinik B2
20) Unknown Forces – Patrick skoog – Body Drum

Have fun like share and stay techno

Bye bye Greetz massie
Wie weet krijg ik weer een kans :D

@ tis dis, heb je ook een andere download link, deze werkt niet al te best.
Hola Raw Punkz!

We've just finished a fresh Rawstyle Mix!!

Listen 'nd download it @ the link below :-)

Raw Punkz - The Sexual Thrill

01. Catatonic Overload - The Sexual Thrill 2015 (Project Exile Remix)
02. Titan - Code of Life (Beat the Bridge 2015 Anthem)
03. Deetox & Delete - Android
04. Sub Zero Project - Funky Shit
05. Requiem - Survivors
06. Delete & Psyched - Take It, Leave It
07. Atmozfears & Sub Zero Project - Madman
08. High Voltage & Titan - Death Is Coming
09. Warface & Degos & Re Done - Overload
10. Delete - Dismissed
11. Primefire - T.T.T
12. The Machine - Hit Em Up
13. Luna - Vengeance
14. Moridin - Realm Of Terror
15. Delete & Warface - The Baddest
16. Digital Punk - Oblivion (Phuture Noize Remix)
17. Warface - Mash Up 5.0
18. Endymion & Phuture Noize - Who
19. Deepack and Deetox featuring MC Lan - On The Run
20. D-Fence - Krakaka (Hardcore Remix)

For the people who’ve missed our first mix “Raw Punkz - Let’s Get Fucked Up!”
Check it out here:

Raw Punkz - Let’s Get Fucked Up!

01. MAKJ & Lil Jon - Let's Get Fucked Up (Zatox Hardstyle Bootleg)
02. Adaro & E-Force feat. MC Nolz - Open The Gates
03. Titan - My Angel (Hard Bass 2014 Edit)
04. Warface - Bloodshed (Solutio Remix)
05. Jack of Sound - 911
06. The Resistance - Hypnose
07. Activator & Kronos - Satana (Zatox Remix)
08. D-Block & S-Te-Fan - Underground Tacticz (E-Force & Luna Remix)
09. Stereotuners - Rythm Roller
10. E-Force & Deetox - Rawness (Pro Mix)
11. Luna & E-Force - The Game
12. Neophyte - Braincrackin' (Titan & Slim Shore Remix)
13. E-Force - Seven
14. Warface - FTP
15. Warface - H8 M3
16. Neroz and Regain - Nothin Like The Oldschool
17. Warface and Nivitral - Fuck The Drum Machine
18. Warface - Chainsaw
19. E-Force & Luna - Masterclass (Hardcore Edit)
20. N-Vitral Ft. Sei2ure - Noise Pumper

Follow us on Soundcloud
'nd feel free to share the mix & add us on Facebook for some more rawness!!

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Zomers tribal tech mix compilatie

Artiest {SHOWLIST artist 27175, 42637}
1 Activator - Sparta ( Endymion remix )
2 Warface - Mash-up 5.0
3 Unresolved & Jason Payne - Nuclear
4 Wild Motherfuckers - Fother mucker ( Delete & Low Profile remix )
5 Digital mindz & Riiho - Destroy
6 Stereotuners - Darkness falls
7 Sub zero project - Hit the funk
8 High voltage & Titan - Death is coming
9 The Machine - Hit em up
10 Delete & Warface - The baddest
11 E-force & Deetox - Rawness
12 Argos - Summon the beast
13 Ran-D & Digital punk - Suvivors ( E-force remix )
14 Randal - Hypomaniac
15 Regain - Broken
16 Malice & Rooler - Destructive acts
17 Endymion feat. mc Nolz - Nightcrawlers
18 Unresolved feat. Gyze - The MF exorcist
19 Delete & Psyched - Take it, leave it
20 Insidiouz - No surrender 2.0
21 Malice & Askaro - The sentence
22 Stereotuners - We like it raw
23 Warface & the Geminizers - Path to extinction
24 Endymion & Phuture noize - Who
25 Unkind - Must die
26 Osiris - The secret
27 Dark pact - Godlike
28 Adaro feat. Danny Scandal - For the street ( Regain remix )
29 Rooler vs Unkind - Trash stomp
30 Malice - D.L.M

Hola Hola again my Friends, Special Podcast after Special Podcast here these days. Very very Welcome on this wonderfull day, the sun is shining here and we are really very happy to present You today, for the third time, our Chief Techno Resident Mr.Hardgroove Waldo aka Massie. He is from the first days of the Podcast with us here, one of the greatest supporters, a very good friend and one of our absolutely Best Podcast Residents for the genres Techno, Acid Techno, Hardgroove, Hardtechno and Schranz. So we are going after the great Podcast, two days ago, with the legendary Dj Marky from Germany, direct fast to Arnhem, Netherlands to him. More informations for Massie, You will get too, in the Special Podcasts # 21 and # 52 here long down the stream, go there too maybe, to get them. Now to the third Exclusiv Vinyl Techno Set from Waldo for us, not so many words for this, because we think it's not so important, just have a look on this extra large comfortable delüxe Tracklist, with 25 well sellected Top Tracks. Massie self said, that he has given so much Adrenalin and Energie into the Set and it's one of the Best Sets he had done ever. This You can feel now very good by pushing the Start Button, tace care Fellas and take also everything safety, because it's an 1A Acid Techno Set, very deep and raw, just have a lot of Fun with this Special Podcast Episode, here we go direct forward, Enjoy ^_^ !!!!


1.Cisco Ferreira - Nite Fone
2.Mauro Alpha - Supertech
3.VA - Race Four / Track A1
4.MW 1792 - Unknown Track
5.Tearz - Jota Ep / Reaky Rmx
6.SF2000 - Tage des Zorns / Original Mix
7.Ade Fenton, Body - Above Save Level
8.Philip Kieran - I love You / Adam Beyer Rmx
9.Adam Beyer - Tasty Bits Rmx / Drumcode
10.Kalone, Prelar - Target Ep
11.VA - I Need An Enemy Ep / Track B1
12.VA - Turbulence Ep / Track B2
13.B.Bommersheim - Dynamic Tension
14.Terry Barcley - Tribal Adventure
15.Glen Wilson - Barriers
16.Lars Klein - RT
17.That Sound - Rythm Technologies
18.Torsten Kissler - Machine Room
19.Glen Wilson - Magnetics / B-Side
20Hardsignal - Concrete Djz / Reconstruction
21.Powertool 32 - X -Force / War Of The World Track / B-Side
22.Drumcomplex, Blinder - Synchon Code
23.Akira Ishi Hara - Under The Saya
24.Sp - 05 / Spark
25.Red Crystal - Ruff Rider

Hi There, next set already, check my new Nimo Special at Nimo Recordings..!! Also

But now my set at Hard Force United Autumn Session Techno stage, closed the stage with Angel Sonik ,DJ ED7, Alex Stuka, Ganez The Terrible, Sayith P, broadcasted on 30 November 2015 HFU Radio Russia

What to expect from my set: this is my second techno hardgroove classics fx vinylset for HFU, including tracks: Speedy J - Electric deluxe, Max Walder - Crown, the Advent - Master Blaster Frank Biazzi Turbulence, Theo Schwarz - Obsession

have fun and support my work i you like to

greetz Massie
17 jan 2016,
hello there,
thank you for 2600 followers on soundcloud!
to celebrate i just recorded this session for you (techno + hardgroove)
hope you enjoy it
downloads enabled!
greetz Massie (NL)

Hee René hier ff een ander geluidje van mijner zijde ... wat ouwe tech techno progressive achtige trance tracks 2000/2007 ...

succes met je stream (y)
laatste aanpassing
Ik ga lees even bekijken, dank je voor de berichten, kom er op terug
Hello friends,
Here my vinylset @ Schrubbstube # Beats4you Radio Germany 7 Feb 2016
Including the tracklist
Downloads enabled
Have fun
Greetz Massie (NL)
massie @ schrubbstube techno hardgroove classics feb 2016 tracklist:
1) christian wünsch - les paradis artificiels
2) antion clamaran - experience (club mix)
3) Angel Alanis - Bitches & Drum Machines
4) Bryan Cox - Pump that shit
5) Bob D - Siren
6) Josip Stempler - a little Poem ( chris noise rmx)
7) Hardcell – silver
8) Adam Beyer – walk Out
9) Joey Beltram – Game Form
10) Umek – Mumps mechanisms
11) James Hammer – this is not scary 12) vitalic – la rock 01
13) Pete Simpson – Transmission
14) Ign. Technician - olskool reunion
15) Ign. Technician – Twisted
16) stigmata 9/10
17) 4 x 4 x 26 – Clanking Shoplift
18) A. Karakasis – Vortex of life (steve payne rmx)
19) John Thomas – undisputed life

Hee Rene .. zal wel te soft zijn :lol:

Deephouse setje ....

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Bedankt voor het posten, op dit moment draaien we bijna geen deephouse of tech house ( op 3 a 4 dj's na), dat sluit het minst aan bij onze luisteraars blijkt uit de luistergrafieken. Het meeste is gericht op Electro House, progressive house en Trance . Ook nog Hardstyle die style heeft het ook wat zwaarder qua luisteraars.
Dj Jack Black
Artiest {SHOWLIST artist 107965, 10097}