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So we stand here amongst hundreds,
In our passion for the sound of the night,
We truly have been united as one,
As each and every single beat takes us out of the light

So I slowly feel the urge to rise,
The time for me take control has come
Slowly I move amongst the unity and step up
Now the time has come for me to banish the sun

So I open cases filled with row upon row of vinyl,
I turn around and jack in the headphone,
Acknowledging the priviledge it is to stand here,
I watch over the crowd and stop feeling alone

So I stand here in front of hundreds,
With every beat the darkness takes control
And every flash of every single face,
Fuels the darkest aspects of my soul

So I stare at a world I consciously shape myself,
And every single beat strengthens my creation
With lights flashing and temperatures rising,
The darkness molds us into our own generation

So I combine and intertwine strands of beats,
Empowering us all with movements of the hand
Realizing the power that I possess in this position,
I feed the crowd its every single demand

So we move within the solitary bounds of the system,
Living hidden amongst the gray masses we just wait
For in the future the time that we will rise unified will come,
And the unbelievers will shiver at the world that we shall create....

(Uitgebreide versie van een eerder geposte...) :)
laatste aanpassing
das nou een mooi stukkie tekst om je afstudeerverslag mee te eindigen...;D...