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Ben een beetje aan het opruimen, zowel het vinyl als de hoezen verkeren in bijna nieuwstaat, zelfs de hoesranden zijn niet beschadigd.

Bij interesse, stuur me ff een berichtje.


Hieronder de titels

Forze DJ Team, The - May The Forze Be With You (Forze 001)!
General Noise – Terminal Yelocity E.P.
Big Deal – The Right Place
Forze DJ Team – A New Beginning
Hard Creation – Are you down?
Darien Kelly + The Stunned Guys – Part 3 E.P.
DJ Paul & Browmn – This One’s Is For You!
Neophyte, Attic & Styles – As We Approach
Hard Creation – Hardcore From The Hearth
DJ Paul vs. Urban Menace – Blackout
DJ Paul vs. DJ Panic – Hate!
DJ Paul vs. DJ Panic – Go!
Scott Brown – Joints To Rock
Neophyte vs. Scott Brown – Black Magic

Digital Boy - Back To The Past Vol. 1
DJ Rob's Old School Classics Limited Edition Volume 1
Euromasters - Amsterdam Waar Lech Dat Dan?
Sound Of Rotterdam Volume II - Hardcore Will Never Die (dubbel disc)
Stomach Basher - Not Offensive EP
Sperminator - No Woman Allowed
Holy Noise - The Nightmare (The Final Remixes)
Agressor, The - I'm Coming
Euromasters - Oranje Boven
Neophyte -The Three Amiga's E.P.
Rotterdam Remix Project - Loving You
Underground Nation Of Rotterdam - Bitch
Lenny Dee versus DJ Paul* - Round One
Bald Terror - Rotterdam
Evil Maniax - The Creators Of Hardcore
Neophyte - Noise Is The Message
DJ Maxx Featuring DJ Giangy Featuring DJ Buby - Musica Nevrotica
Evil Maniax - Psychopath
Too Hostile - No Bullshitting
DJ Paul Elstak* - Unity
Neophyte - None Of Ya Left
Stunned Guys, The / DJ Paul* - Confusion
Men Of Steel - Pain
Old School Terrorists vs. Mixelplix - Terror And Mayhem
Headbanger, The - Totally Frustrated
Evil Activities - The Introduction
Headbanger, The - The Third Torture
Masochist, The vs. DJ Neophyte - The Tunnel
Deathlok Hardcore Team - Borgnetic Lifeforms
DJ Rob & MC Joe - Hardbeat
Deathlok Hardcore Team - Men Of The Law
Elite Forces - The Forces Of Hardcore
Reactor & Raoul, The vs. T-Factor - Newcomer's Anthem
Lord Hostile - Shadowbuilder
Neophyte vs. The Stunned Guys - Nation Of Domination
Sinergy - Don’t Stop

Inferno Bros. - Slaves To The Rave (Remix) Rotterdam records spec. 1
Neophyte - Real Hardcore (Braincracking) rotterdam records spec. 02

Masters of Ceremony – Under Control
Evil Activities vs. Endymion – Before Your Eyes
Evil Activities – 3 Months to X-Tinction
Evil Activities – 6 Months to X-Tinction
Masters Of Ceremony – Hardcore To The Bone
Neophyte – Recht uit de ondergrond

The 1999 Remixes: The Stunned Guys, Neophyte, Promo, 3 Steps Ahead & Buzz Fuzz
Buzz Fuzz - Nostalgica Volume 2
Virus – The Drome

Endymion – Bio Acoustic Warfare – Enzyme 01
Weapon X – Asymetric Structure – Enzyme 02
Ophidian – Rhythmic Philosophy – Enzyme 03
Meagashira – Helvetica Chimica Acta - Enzyme 04
Endymion – Catalysed Reactions
Future Prophets - Enzyme 06
The Harder They Come - Enzyme 08
Project Omeaga - Prednison Attack VIP
Endymion – Bionic 003 Special Edition

Party Animals – Hava Naquila
Chosen Few - Chosen Anthem
The Outside Agency – The Case Of The Black Bubbles
Tellurian – Get Raw
Lords Of Illusion – Set It Off
Wildchild – Childplay
Fear Factory – The Gabber Mixes
Technohead – Banana-na-na – Dumb Diddy Dumb
DJ Dano - Fukem All

Omar Santana – Morpheus
The Thundergods – Awesome Power
DJ Predator – Elementz Of Danger
Chosen Few – I Refuze 2 Looze
3 Da Hard Way – Original Rude Boyz
Omar Santana – Bone Bastik
Turntable Disciples – Vortex
Delirium – Welcome To My Terrordome
DJ Predator – Human Blood
L.A.’s Fallen Ones – Target Los Angeles
DJ Anas – Da Mystery
Omar Santana – World Domination

K7 - Knightvision & D'Spyre / Nosferatu - Apocalypse / Raythered
Enoid – Act Of Aggression
Partyraiser – The Order E.P.
Darkside Of Hardcore – The E.P.
Hellraiser E.P. - MRV 60
DJ Sim – Hardcore Tracks Vol.1
DJ SIM – Hardcore Tracks Vol.2
Delirium – Be Happy E.P.
Dinosaur Park – The E.P.
El Bruto - Let Yourself Go (Scott Brown Remix)
DJ Bike – Gabbe-Rome E.P.
Darkraver – Let It Roll
Dr. Z-Vago – Communism is Gone
Marshall Masters – DON’T TOUCH THAT STEREO! (original)
FFM Shadow Orchestra – Comprehension of Sweet Sounds
Various Artists - The Revelation (dubbel disc)
Impulse Factory – We are the future, brother
The Supreme Intelligence Limited Darkcore Symposium
Various – Bullet To The Back
Marc Acardipane - Today Tomorrow Forever
Megarave 003 – Hardhead - TuTuTu
Megarave 027
Masters Of Hardcore 013
The Hitsquad - Voodoo
DJ Fuckface – By Request E.P.
DJ Jordens & DJ Waxweazle - The Blah Blah Blah E.P.
Yves Deruyter – A Story About House
80 Aum Records – The Diamond Series (dubbel disc)
The Viper – The Beat
Tieum / Lekker Sindicat - Insomniak
DJ Arjuna & Beyonder – Shoot that Motherfucker!
Stravaganze – White Love
DJ Rob ft. MC Hughie Babe – Worlds To Live By
History of Rotterdam Hardcore – Part 001

DJ Tiesto – Lethal Industry (magik muzik original)
DJ Tiesto – Flight 643 (magik muzik original)
ben jij familie van Eddy the Eagle?
Uitspraak van Eric Greenfield op dinsdag 17 februari 2009 om 22:44:
Weapon X – Asymetric Structure – Enzyme 02

Wat vraag je hiervoor:)?
Sorrie boys, alles is in 1x verkocht.

Peaceee (Y)
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